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In Your Life On Wednesday, September 28: Today’s challenge is to your ability to be flexible.  Appointments change; you may choose to sulk, argue or take pleasure in spontaneity and a different objective.  Although a short while ago you would not have left things to chance, now, if you feel restless and like the thought of taking a break, do it.  When surprising developments present themselves don’t expect too much of yourself and imagine that you could have or should have anticipated the unexpected.  Be good to yourself…Improvise, enjoy the moment ad learn from the experience.  “Nothing is permanent in life but change.”  If Today is Your Birthday Expect to meet people and experiences that offer you the opportunity to enjoy your freedom and to learn from experience.  We live in nine-year cycles of experiences that produce growth.   This year, you will get away from your usual routines, responsibilities and obligations and ease your restlessness.  By trying new things you add to your memory bank of experience.  If you are single, expect to meet an exciting stranger and do not be afraid to take a chance on love.  Married lovers rekindle the curiosity and enthusiasms that sparked your commitment to a long-term relationship.  Take every opportunity to let go of the old and make room for the new.  Stay open in order to expand your points of reference.  Look for incoming opportunities.  Wear the color turquoise to attract adventures.  And so, this is the time to take a vacation that is out of the ordinary, focus on your sensuality and progress through change and a variety of interests. This year will probably alter your ambitions and enlarge your goals for the future. Your September 28, 2011 lottery numbers are:  1, 14, 19, 23, 24, 31 Celebrities Born on September 28 are: Bridgitte Bardot (Actor), Mandy Barnett (Country Singer), Peter Cambor (Actor/”NCIS:LA”), Maria Canals-Barrera (Actor), Laura Ceron (Actor/”ER”), Confucius (Philosopher), Hilary Duff (Actor), Peter finch (Actor), Janeane Garofolo (Actor), Tom Harmon (Football), Jeffrey Jones (Actor), Ben E King (Singer/Songwriter), Bam Margera (Skateboarder), Marcello Mastroianni (Actor), Nikki McKibben ((“American Idol”), William S Paley (TV Pioneer), Max Schmeling (Heavyweight Boxing Champion), Mira Sorvino (Actor), Arnold Stang (Actor), Ed Sullivan (TV Variety Show Host/Journalist), Melody Thornton (Singer/”Pussycat Dolls’), Dita Von Teese (Model/Actor), Susan Walters (Actor),  Pauletta Washington (Actor), Naomi Watts (Actor), William Windom (Actor), Young Jeezy (Rapper), Moon Zappa (Author).

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