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 In Your Life On Friday, October 28, 2011: The challenges for today is to your ability to show your respect for differences of personal priorities and to share responsibilities in order to maintain pleasant relationships.  When you indicate that domestic adjustments complicate your personal plan and others are uncooperative, avoid making a scene.  It’s difficult to be objective when you’re surprised by changes and overloaded: Retreat and relieve everyone’s tension.  Include friends or partners when discussing options.  You’ll gain a greater perspective and trigger enriching changes.  Today “make love not war”: If things get complicated, relax your social plans or work schedule to maintain balance in your family and community.

 If Today is Your Birthday in 2011: Expect to meet people and experiences that offer you the opportunity to deepen and expand intimate, business and community relationships.  In 2011, it’s all about discernment and maintaining harmony in relationships and still doing things you want and need to do for yourself.

 “Rest satisfied with doing well, and leave others to talk of you as they will.”              Pythagoras, Philosopher/Mathematician, Greek ‘Father of Numbers”

 Demanding situations will arise to give you the opportunity to be supportive or deny emotional, financial and mundane needs of dependents or less fortunate people.   Kitchen table conversation and family outings and community politics come into play during this friendly time.  People are needy and dramatic in their conversation, actions and reactions.  It is important to be calm, cool and collected in order to sort out the ways that you can help to alleviate problems without hurting yourself.

·        Narrow down your personal interests and to be discerning when assuming responsibilities and obligations.  Be sure that you are able to fulfill and complete promises without making extreme sacrifices that will tax your personal time, finances and relationships.  Too much self-sacrifice eventually will lead to personal frustration and inappropriate anger.   Maintain balance in all things.

 Don’t stray too far from loved ones.  All things that are important this year stem from your home, family, workplace, neighborhood and community.

·        Home decorating and remodeling will bring out latent artistic talents.  Music becomes more meaningful.  Entertaining at home will inspire or rekindle an interest in all types of cooking.  You may face problems of domesticity and need to adjust to the preferences of others: Make your home a haven for yourself and anyone who enters.

 Beginning in April, a mature, parental approach will be helpful.  You will need to be firm, assertive and unselfish after you get involved with others problems.  Expecting everyone to live up to your standards, no matter how excellent and problem solving they may be, will not work.  Try to give impersonal love and you will maintain harmony in your relationships and build stronger relationships for the future.

Today’s Lottery Numbers are: 6, 11, 20, 23, 24, 25
Celebrities Born on October 28 are: Jane Alexander (Actor), Chris Bauer (Actor/”True Blood “), Charlie Daniels (Singer), Dennis Franz (Actor), Bill Gates (Microsoft Co-Founder), Jami Gertz (Actor), Dodie Goodman (Actor), Justin Guarini (Singer/”American Idol”), Ben Harper (Singer), Edith Head (Oscar Winnning Costume Designer), Lauren Holly (Actor/”NCIS”), Bruce Jenner (Olympic Decathlon Champion), Elsa lancaster (Actor), Brad Paisley (Singer), Suzy Parker (Actor/Super Model of the 1950’s), Joaquin Phoenix (Actor), Joan Plowwright (Actor), Annie Potts (Actor), Andy Richter (Actor/Comedian), Julia Roberts (Actor), Dr Jonas Salk (Polio Vaccine Developer), Jack Soo (Actor/”Barney Miller”), Trista Sutter (‘Dancing With the Stars”), Daphne Zuniga (Actor).

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