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In Your Life On Saturday, October 29, 2011: Don’t rush things, be patient and you’ll overcome any obstacles.  The challenge for today is to your ability to “read between the lines” and to accept nothing at face value.  No need to express your opinion or you’ll get more involved than you want to be.  Cut down on social activity and don’t commit to anything that involves money until you’re sure of the outcome.  Gather information, remain introspective and unruffled if you want to have a peaceful day.  Be patient, ignore the obvious and assume that there are hidden agendas to recognize and investigate.  Think things through and take action tomorrow. 

 If Today is Your Birthday in 2011: This non-commercial year opens doors to spiritual growth. You may feel alone and emotionally tender.  Money will come in if you do not pursue it.   Personal relationships will benefit from inner work: Take up Yoga, try psychological or marriage counseling or plan to take workshops or classes that perfect skills – work on your inner growth any way you can.

  • You may not get all that you want.  You will receive the things you need.  


You build an inner storehouse of faith and knowledge that no one and nothing that happens to you in life will take away!


  • Do not make long-term goal changes.   If you are discontent at work, in your marriage or in any personal relationship, this is not the time to go to a lawyer or to disengage.  This is the time to observe, analyze, ask yourself what you really want out of life and to contemplate how you are going to get it.


 “Govern your tongue before all others”

Pythagoras, Philosopher/Mathematician, “Father of Numbers”


  • Keep your thoughts to yourself.  You are self-questioning and developing a wiser philosophy.  Materialistic and commercial objectives are delayed or complicated.  In 2011, you will have work to do and you will build your job quality and professionalism if you focus on your accomplishments and perfect your skillfulness.


 The message for this year is to have faith in yourself, reflect on your goals and life expectations and expect the best – just “know” that you will receive all that you need.  All forms of inner spiritual and intellectual work will bring peace and contentment now and material rewards in the future.



 Today’s Lottery Numbers are: 5, 7, 9, 15, 23, 25 

 Celebrities Born on October 29 are: Jon Abrahams (Actor/”Meet the Parents”), Fannie Brice (Comedienne), Richard Dreyfuss (Actor), Dominick Dunne (Writer), Brendan Fahr (Actor/”CSI:Miami), Joely Fisher (Actor), Ben Foster (Actor/”3:10 to Yuma”), Melena Govich (Actor/”Law & Order”), Peter Green (Guitarist/”Fleetwood Mac”), Kate Jackson (Actor), Denny Laine (Musician/”The Moody Blues”), Bill Mauldin (Political Cartoonist), Melba Moore (Singer), Tracee Ellis Ross (Actor/”Girlfriends”), Winona Ryder (Actor), Chilan Simmons (Actor), Gabrielle Union (Actor).  

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