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 In Your Life On Friday, November 25, 2011:The challenge for today is to your ability to accomplish mundane tasks when your physical energy is lower.   It’s a reality check: Maintenance projects come first. You may have to juggle time or finances now.  However, if the desired lifestyle requires a little strain to gain stability, tighten your belt or get the tedious chores done.  Correct impracticalities, although nothing comes easy your patient efforts pay off.  There may be the dull job of detailing ideas and plans before you see the rewards.  Dedicate today to practical work and you’ll enjoy tangible evidence of your efforts.

November 25 Birthday Forecast for 2012: Expect to meet people and experiences that offer you the opportunity to enjoy freedom, unconventional people and to learn from experience.  During 2012, you will get away from your usual routines, responsibilities and obligations and ease your restlessness.  By dealing with altered plans, surprises and trying new things you add to your memory bank of experience.

  • If you are single, expect to meet an exciting stranger and do not be afraid to take a chance on love.
  • Married lovers rekindle the curiosity and enthusiasms that sparked your commitment to a long-term relationship.
  • If you meet someone special in 2012 and they stay in your life through April, 2013, they’re in for the “long haul.”

In business, it’s important to plan loosely and leave room for the unexpected.  Appointments will be delayed or broken.  Projects will be started and may lose momentum or begin and pay off very quickly.

Schedules must bend to the surprising new ideas and people that pop into your daily routines.  If you have a product or reason to expect to get publicity, you will have success with promotional activity.  Financial issues come up in March. If you want to change or expand the focus of your work, begin actions in May.  Your new ideas become known in July and finances improve in December. 

“In this theater of man’s life, it is reserved only for God and angels to be lookers-on.”                             

Pythagoras, Philosopher/Mathematician, ‘Father of Numbers”

 Take every opportunity to let go of the old and make room for the new.  Stay open in order to expand your points of reference.  Look for incoming opportunities.  And so, this is the time to take a vacation that is out of the ordinary, focus on your sensuality and progress through change and a variety of interests.

If you’re bored, do something about it.

  • Take a new workshop.  If you read mysteries, try reading romance novels.  Learn to dance, play golf, ride a horse…Above all, do something!

By putting new experiences into your memory-bank, you become wiser in the ways of the world.  Wear the color turquoise to attract spontaneous new enthusiasms and good luck.  This year will probably alter your ambitions and enlarge your goals for the future.

 Celebrities born on November 25:  Christina Applegate (Actor), Tim Armstrong (Singer/”Rancid”), Billy Burke (Actor/”Twilight” Films), Barbara & Jena Bush (Former “First Twin” Daughters), Andrew Carnegie (Industrialist), Chris Carter (Football/TV Analyst), Katie Cassidy (Actor/”Melrose Place”), Joe DiMaggio (Baseball Hall of fame), Bucky Dent (Baseball), Jerry Ferrara (Actor/”Entourage”), Amy Grant (Singer), Jill Hennessy Actor/”Law & Order”), John F Kennedy, Jr (Magazine Publisher), Mark Lonegan (Singer), John Laroquette (Actor), Stephen Lunsford (Actor/”Private Practice”), Donovan McNabb (Football), Ricardo Montalban (Actor), Carrie Nation (Anti-Alcohol Prohinitionist), Dougray Scott (Actor/”Desperate Housewives”), Erick Sermon (Rapper), Percy Sledge (Singer/Songwriter), Eddie Steeples (Actor/”My Name is Earl”), Ben Stein (Actor/TV Personality, Nixon Speech Writer), Bruno Tonioli (Choreographer/Judge, “Dancing With the Stars”), Gaspard Ulliel (Actor) Tracy Walter (Actor/”Repo Man’).

November 25 Lottery Numbers are: 4, 11, 15, 18, 22, 31

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