BO’s Having A SUNNY Day

It’s a good dog’s life on the Obama White House south lawn today. SUNNY, the year old female Portuguese Water Dog moved in with male BO, The First Family’s First Portuguese Water Dog and according to videos posted on all media by Michelle and Barack, the two non-allergic pups have bonded and are having a ball. SUNNY a #3 name in numerology, is by means of self expression and soul urge, cheerful, playful, eternally youthful enjoys having many friends and is a great communicator. She’s very sociable and we can expect she’ll speak one day. Her First Impression, the #11/2, appears shy, is sensitive to people and her environment , is a bit laid back and is spiritually special with a bunch of nervous energy. She’s a fooler and will allow strong, athletic-looking #8 Bo, appear to be the leader while her natural instinct is the independent, mentally active, assertive #1 alpha. Good luck to BO!

There’s no word on whether the Obama’s are planning grand-dog-children in the future. Although, they may have no control over that. To be sure, SUNNY will have her way with BO.

There’s more to come from numerology’s name interpretation when I get the AKC registered name and birth date for SUNNY. The first record of the name is all revealing. If you’re looking to find out about the meaning of your pet’s name and breed idiosyncrasies, toy preferences, and secret thoughts, look them up in my book, FROM ACE TO ZUMMO, Simon & Shuster, Publishers ( )


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