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ELLIN DODGE is recognized as America’s leading numerologist and is a noted author for Pocket Books and the Fireside Division of Simon & Schuster, Publishers.  Current release: FROM ACE TO ZUMMO (December 2002, Fireside Division, Simon & Schuster, Publishers).  Among her seven books the most popular titles include NUMEROLOGY HAS YOUR NUMBER, (a Doubleday Book Club/Literary Guild selection), YOU ARE YOUR FIRST NAME, YOU ARE YOUR BIRTHDAY, WIN THE LOTTERY! and THE VIBES BOOK…a game of self analysis (with Carol Schuler, Samuel Weiser, Inc., Publisher).  British, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish translations of books by Ellin Dodge are to be found in major booksellers and public libraries throughout the world.


Memberships: The American Society of Journalists and Authors, The World Literary Academy, and AFTRA.  Listed in International Author’s Who’s Who and volume 106 of Contemporary Authors.


ELLIN DODGE is an entertaining lecturer, an exciting workshop leader and a frequent guest on radio and TV talk shows.  Her private client list reads like a veritable Who’s Who of the world of finance, international politics and culture.  She advises award winning artists, fashion designers, photographers, entertainers and screen and television writers.  Psychologists, members of the medical profession, stock market analysts and society luminaries consult with her regularly.


  • Formerly a Christian Dior, Paris, couture model, administrative director of the New York City Silva Mind Control Center, New York newspaper publisher-editor and as America’s Foremost Numerologist to The Mirror Group helped introduce Great Britain’s National Lottery in London.
  • Presently Ms. Dodge resides in Phoenix, Arizona, writes a daily blog, researches new publications, appears regularly as a guest on TV and radio and consults with clients by phone and in-office.
  • When time permits, she travels to lecture, entertains on cruise chips, teaches and conducts corporate, “YOU ARE YOUR FIRST NAME” icebreaker workshops.
  • ELLIN DODGE tries to be accessible and is happy to respond to questions that relate to the Pythagorean numerology system and her books.


Phone USA, 602-944-6443, e-mail dodgeddg@cox.net  or visit www.ellindodge.com

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