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Ellin Dodge Blogs Be Aware of T-Mobile Sales Tactics

July 8, 2011

Be aware that T-Mobile is calling with sales pitches for two-year contracts for $59.95 for unlimited phone, text and internet.  An amazing bargain.  These calls are coming in on cell phone and they are not honored in the store or by their customer relations phone reps or administrative supervisors.   According to the T-Mobile store clerk and customer service phone reps, there is no contract for these services at that price.

I was repeatedly told that I misunderstood.  I never misunderstand good bargains and I do not agree to a contract without verifying the terms more than three times.  I was lied to, fooled by a company I trusted, had done business with for over ten years – and hope this doesn’t happen to you.  

Yesterday, before 11 AM, I was phoned by a T-Mobile representative  and agreed to a two-year contract for phone, text and internet service @ $59.95 a month.  It was a hard-sell…When I said I preferred to go to the store to get a new phone or agree to a contract, he said “this offer is only good on the phone now.””   In addition, he added enticements = the contract began this day, I was entitled to an upgraded phone immediately and I should immediately go to the store and get my new phone, which would cost me only $17.00.

I went to the store at about three in the afternoon to get my new phone and begin my phone, text and internet service.  After looking up my account in the computer  the clerk agreed that the contract was there but it was for phone and text only at $69,95.

After many phone calls to customer service, in addition, I learned that the contract began on July 24, the new phone was a free upgrade and there is a charge of $18.00 for start-up.  None of the facts presented, that I agreed to on the phone, when I said,”yes” to the two-year contract with the original T-Mobile sales rep, was true.  T-Mobile has nothing to say but, the contract wasn’t scheduled to begin until July 24, so if you don’t want the  phone and text for $69,95, you have no contract.  T-Mobile thinks there’s no harm done.

After years of ignoring sales calls and knowing to never buy anything on the phone…I was enticed and sold.  Now, after too many facts altered by each service person I spoke with, out right lies and over two hours in the T-Mobile store I left worrying whether they would really cancel the contract as promised…will I have $69.95 on my next bill?