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Comparing Octuplet’s Mother with Tom Daschle – Strange Bedfellows

February 4, 2009

Strange bedfellows, octuplet’s mother, Nadya Suleman and US Senator Tom Daschle have similar ethics and relationships problems:  Out of balance – Numerology Challenged – morals, ethics, standards, an over-stimulated need to protect and nurture and a parental nature that feeds on emotional contact – and, creates situations that elicit dramatic responses.  This numerologist sees what they don’t see.

Tom Daschle has a double #6 Challenge and his Destiny is a #6.  So, he is obsessive and compulsive in his relationships and meets the people and experiences in his Destiny that cause him to over-react.  I doubt that he has room in his mind to put the proper importance a non-emotional, seemingly mundane – need to pay taxes.

The #6 Challenge is motivated by the desire to be the center of an adoring family.  To Daschle, his working family and his personal family deserve and receive the same obsessive responsibility in relationships and overly stimulated emotional responses to their problems.  Daschle is beloved by colleagues for his genuine emotional responsiveness and unselfish acts and he is respected for his ethics and moral fiber.  With his mind and emotions overflowing with other people’s problems that he feels compelled to solve – and, having  the talent to see the needs that he feels responsible to fill, he’s a good caregiver to everyone and a bad parent to himself. 

Daschle believes that his morals, standards and ethics are pure and he wants everyone to live up to his perceptions of right and wrong.  He believes that he knows what’s good for everyone.  He just doesn’t understand that “live and let live” allows people to maintain self respect.  He can be a smothering do-gooder who doesn’t “get it”  and goes to extremes in his “what’s right from wrong” judgments. 

In this a strange comparison of a young woman eager to breast feed and mother fourteen children, Nadya Suleman and Tom Daschle, a public servant eager to nurture and sacrifice for a nation, I see the neurotic, “I have a lot of love to give”, common denominators.

Public opinion sees Suleman’s hiring a press agent-manager, expecting to be a baby expert talk show host and negotiating book and TV deals, as greed.  Public opinion sees Daschle’s ignoring to mention his tax problems when approached by the president to accept the responsibility of overseeing education, a high powered office that nurtures children, as greed.  This numerologist thinks they see themselves as doing good for others and I do not think they have any perception of their out-of-balance understanding of right and wrong.  They are “Strange Bedfellows.”