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April 8, 2009

Thinkin’ and drinkin’ in this confusing era is becoming a nasty habit.  Thinkin’ about Obama’s urging us to spend money now and save it later just rattles my dwindling savings and boggles my mind.  He makes intellectual sense.  My emotions do not compute.  Gotta’ create a better habit.

The answers to doing the “right thing” are fuzzy enough without a drink.  With a drink, I remember reading that a cat made a miracle: survived five weeks buried under fallen concrete.  I imagine that if a cat survived five weeks and solved it’s problems, I can find a way to surface too. 

Living alone makes it too easy to drink alone.  There are many reasons why – young or old – that’s not a good idea.  So, after my basic tenet, never drive when drinking, is my promise to me to think sober and drink with company. 

Into correcting a bad habit, solving problems before I create them and thinkin’ safe, now I’m on a roll with safety nets for drinkin’ in general and particularly in this emotionally challenging economy.

My rules for “Drinkin’ Good” are on the frig for easy reference.  If you’re into thinkin’ and drinkin’ – visualizing the worst scenario and writing act three before you live act one…

Ground rules:  never drink and drive.
                           never drink alone.
                           never drink depressed. 

6 Steps to being a “Good Drinker.”

1. Prepare to drink by drinking water before and after to avoid dehydration.
2. Know how you’re going to get home.
3. Don’t accept a drink from someone you don’t know.
3. Sip…don’t guzzle.
4. Don’t allow people to refill your glass = you won’t know how-much you’re consuming.
5. Avoid salty foods but, be sure to eat.
Only 5 rules when I know I have 6???  Was I drinkin’ while I was thinkin’?