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October 17, 2011
Slumdog Millionaire has spent three weeks at t...

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In Your Life On Tuesday, October 18, 2011This haphazard day is filled with quick decisions, miscellaneous mistakes, reasons to rush and learning curves that pivot your focus.  Today’s challenge is to your ability to remain calm and think-out-of-the-box.   Keep an open mind, adapt to circumstances when surprising offers come in and expect interesting elements to enter family and business discussions.  Be flexible and you won’t regret a mid-day change of priorities.  You may end the day intrigued, excited and due to unexpected revelations, questioning everything that has transpired. 

If Today is Your Birthday: Expect to meet people and experiences that offer you the opportunity to enjoy your freedom and to learn from experience.

  “In this theater of man’s life, it is reserved only for God and angels to be lookers-on.”
Pythagoras, Philosopher/Mathematician, Greek “Father of Numbers”


This is the year to experiment.  If something is successful, keep it in your life.  If a risk fails just let it go and get on to another.  Love and money will come in when you least expect them.  Money will go out in unplanned ways.  Loves may flame and turn to ashes quickly.  If you worked and you were conservative with your money last year, this year will not bring in financial stress.  If you meet a lover this year and they stay in your life through next March, you have a candidate for marriage or a long-term relationship.  Do a variety of things or do the same things in a different way.  Be equal to any emergencies by exercising your cleverness and adaptability.  Show your versatility. 


Take advantage of the unconventional atmosphere.  Wear the color turquoise to excite your spirit and attract adventure.  Temptations and risks are offered.  Aim to maintain your emotional and financial balance.


“Strength of mind rests in sobriety; for this keeps your reason unclouded by passion.”   Pythagoras, Philosopher/Mathematician, Greek “Father of Numbers”

Surprises and changes pivot your goals and alter your options.  2011  is not a dull year!

Today’s lottery numbers are: 1, 5, 10, 19, 22, 23

Celebrities Born on October 18 are: Chuck Berry (Singer/Guitarist),  Peter Boyle (Actor), Pam Dawber (Actor/”Mork & Mindy”), Mike Ditka (Coach, Football Hall of Fame), Zac Efron (Actor), Josh Gracin (Singer/”American Idol”), Klaus Kinski (Actor), Joy Lauren (Actor/”Desperate Housewives”), Lotte Lenya (Singer), Chuck Lorre (Writer, Director, Producer, “Two and a Half Men”), Wynton Marsalis (Jazz Trumpeter), Melina Mercouri (Actor/”Never on Sunday”), Erin Moran (Actor/”Happy Days”), Joe Morton (Actor/”The Good Wife”), Martina Navritilova (Tennis Hall of Fame), Ne-Yo (Singer), Anita O’Day (Jazz Singer), Lee Harvey Oswald (Kennedy Assasin), Bristol Palin (Delusional Publicity Seeker, Greedy, Daughter of Delusional, Publicity Seeker, Greedy, Sarah Palin), Freida Pinto (Actor/”Slumdog Millionaire“), Carly Schroeder (Actor), Esperanza Spalding (Jazz Bassist/Singer), Joe Spano (Actor), Bobby Troup (Actor/Singer/Songwriter), Claude Va Damme (Actor), Cynthia Weil (Songwriter, Hall of Fame), Dawn Wells (Actor/”Gilligan’s Island”), Vicki Winans (Singer). 

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Analysis of Pushy Palin, The Octuplet’s Mystery Helpers and Putrid Peanuts

February 7, 2009

Details and more details on this #2 Universal Day: We’re talkin’ pushy Sarah Palin, The Octuplets Questionable Mystery and putrid peanuts.

Palin Poop hits below the fold with Sarah nudging Obama – NOW?  When the stimulus package is keeping him up nights! – she’s stalking him to push the Alaskan natural gas pipeline on his current visit to Canada, first-husband, Todd’s in contempt of court with possible jail time and, the details of how first-daughter-unmarried Mom, “Bristol” got to be called “Bristol…Sarah worked at The Bristol Inn, Todd lived in Bristol Bay and Bristol, Connecticut…the home of ESPN where Sarah expected to become a sports newscaster, inspired the ever-lusting-after-publicity-Sarah to name her baby girl after them.  Then there’s details of the Octuplets conception…

…the same clinic, doctor and sperm donor that gave Nadya Suleman in vitro fertility for her first six babies, implanted her with eight embryos that produced six boys and two girls – that included two sets of twins…double duh!  And, those scary details bring me to more not-too-nice details about peanut butter…

…to buy it or not to buy it?  That’s the question on mother’s minds and food manufacturers financial spread sheets.   Details reveal; that Peanut Corporation of America’s. CEO, Stewart Parnell, knew that the peanuts carried salmonella and there is mold growing on ceilings and walls of the factory.  He shipped to processors that shipped to manufacturers who then shipped to retail stores, school lunch programs and throughout the world to emerging countries lacking nutritional food.

How could this happen?  Same old story…the overseers, The Department if Agriculture and The Food and Drug Administration are not coordinated and they are not modernized.  I hear those details a lot.  Now Obama-rama brings us “Yes WE Can”, CHANGE and although…

…peanut butter began hundreds of years ago with the Aztecs, was patented in the 1800’s in Montreal, Canada and then patented in the USA by Kellogg’s and, it seems like it’s been a food staple forever; it’s definitely time for change.  However, changes  come too late for hundreds that became ill and a few that died from salmonella in peanuts.  It doesn’t have to be peanut butter that does you in, it can be those tiny, crumbled nuts atop a cookie or in a candy bar. 

Unlike the Securities Exchange Commission that hasn’t punished selfish Wall Street CEOs for making the public sick in the pocketbook ,The Agriculture Department Peanut Standards Board kicked the unscrupulous Peanut Corporation of America’s CEO off the board.  With the recession tightening food budgets, losing nutrition-filled peanut butter from the kitchen cupboard is a disaster.
With it’s reasonable price for all the good stuff that we get from peanuts and as peanut butter, it’s two year, unrefrigerated shelf value, in mind; should we risk eating peanut products now?  “Is it worth wondering if my family will suffer more from eating jelly alone or will they suffer a salmonella illness if by chance they eat tainted peanuts?” 

The decision is on how you calculate risk when you know the details.  For me…just as an eight embryo, in vitro implant in a thirtyish young woman is a bad judgment call and Sarah Palin’s insistence on attention from President Obama in time of worldwide crisis is foolish and naive, until I hear from agencies I can trust – that every tainted, tiny peanut crumb is identified and there is no longer a “peanut problem”, I’ll eat  my crackers with jam.