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There’s More to Numerology Coincidences Regarding the Winehouse Death at 27

July 24, 2011
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There’s more to the numerology number coincidences in the birth dates of Jim Morrison, Janice Joplin, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Corbain and other musicians that died at age 27.  Coincidental too, are the Destiny numbers.  Morrison, Joplin and Jones have #1 Destinies and Hendrix and Corbain have # 9 Destinies.  The #1 Destiny, to learn to be a pioneer = “a first”, based in the I, the ego = the self first…beginner of a progression and #9, the closing number, to learn unselfishness, empathy, compassion = the highest evolvement of human beings, based in benefiting humanity = the last in a progression.  Interesting? Strange isn’t it? 

I looked for the childhood-based, psychological problems each faced …Morrison, Hendrix and Jones, #5 Personality Challenges that relates to an unconventional childhood, misused and abused freedom…a twofold problem that relates to sex and the senses and discard = the freedom we give to people or things by letting go of them.  All were too loyal or all too capable of making changes before commitments were fulfilled.  And they were all accident prone.

Corbain, #3 Personality Challenges that relates to too much attention or not enough attention for looks charm and personality as a child, hated and loved being in the spotlight…he was alternately too happy or too sad.  He talked too much or clammed up when upset…scattered interests, was alternately naive or suspicious and could not face the practical realities of life.

And Joplin, # 7 Personality Challenges relate to something to hide that did happen or may be imagined, a secret to be ashamed of, the most tragic of all.  She could not accept herself, everyone else and the world for not being perfect.  She could not be alone without being lonely and had imagined demons. She felt ungovernable pride or extreme self-hatred  She was decentralized within…feared emotional and real poverty, used escapist devices, was moody, melancholy and always insecure in ordinary society.

Amy Winehouse broke the pattern I thought was emerging with a #8 Destiny and a bunch of different psychological problems.   She went from being responsible for everyone and everything to going on overload and walking away from obligations.  The #6 Personality Challenge creates domestic issues, too thin or too fat issues and possible diabetes or hypoglycemia.  Her #2 Personality Challenge created too much personal sensitivity and self-absorption that led to personal “pity-parties” and emotional energy drains.  Her #4 Personality Challenge indicates she was an extreme workaholic or very lazy, checked up on details zealously or ignored details, wanted structure and broke all the rules.  So, my numerology pattern isn’t a rule…Rules, like habits, are made to be broken.  

Habits formed in childhood for emotional self-protection (psychological problems later in life) are called Personality Challenges in numerology, they settle in and have consequences by the 27th birthday, the year before maturity begins.  Everyone matures between their 28th and 36th birthday.  At 27, we all go through a retrospect of the past and try to let go of outgrown ideas, ideals and relationships.  It’s a time when we all try to see the big-picture-of-life and prepare to go forward or get fearful.

So 27 is a turning point age = There’s a “27 Club”, sometimes called, “Forever 27 Club” or “Club 27”, on and the club page has an extensive member list of musicians that includes Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Corbain, Brian Jones and they all died at age 27…2 + 7 = 9 = a numerology #9…the number of endings.