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October 15, 2011
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In Your Life On Sunday, October 16, 2011:Your challenge for today is to your ability to stay focused on your goals. Associates with a personal agenda question your purposes and assume authority.  Don’t let them curtail your optimism or dampen your spirits.  You’re asked to comment on numerous matters and when pressured for commitment should avoid being boxed into compromising situations.  If you cannot change the subject and brush off the pressuring self-promoters, pretend interest and stall.  You’ll be surprised and delighted when supportive, unselfish companions make contact in two days.    

If Today is Your Birthday: In 2011, at times, there may be more talk than action.  However, the people are entertaining, imaginative and charming.  The experiences are light-hearted, friendly and sociable. 

 The color for 2011 is sunshine yellow!  Wear yellow to attract good fortune and bring a sunny smile to everyone you meet.…mix business and pleasure: Expect to meet people and experiences that offer you opportunities for social growth, travel, playfulness, expression of your talents and optimism.  Friendships bring in profits.

 We must avoid with our utmost endeavor, and amputate with fire and sword, and by all other means, from the body, sickness; from the soul, ignorance; from the belly, luxury; from a city, sedition; from a family, discord; and from all things, excess.

         Pythagoras, Philosopher/Mathematician, Greek “Father of Numbers”

 In 2011, people and experiences can be superficial.  New associates are artistic, often naive and rarely get down to basics.  They make a game out of life and see the imagined product as complete once it enters their minds.  They rarely see details or the labor of a job.  They have a hard time producing tangibles.  However, they make a game out of life and you have more fun and optimism when in their company.

 Next year, you will have less opportunity for socializing.  You will plan, work and maintain your stability meeting people who labor until a job is completed.  This year, make the social contacts that you will enjoy for the incoming seven years.   

 Party, play and do a variety of “fun” things to make yourself more noticeable and popular.  Show others your ideas, talents and personality.  Do not stay at home and worry.  Dine out and enjoy friends.  Socialize to develop business relationships.  Friends will offer pleasant diversions that you will enjoy and, in time, make profitable.

 You will be meeting communicators; people who live by speaking, writing, entertaining and all forms and means of communications: The “beautiful people” are charming, funny and youthful.  They give gifts and get gifts.  They are naive and playful.  It is in your best interest to dress fashionably, keep a smile on your face and leave your troubles at home.  People who live by “words” do not like mundane practicality.  They cannot handle troubles or labor over anything tedious.  However, the “beautiful people” will “spread the word” and tell others about you, your talents and your goals.

Last year was not resposive to your ambitions…it was alive with details, emotionally and physically straining.  2011 puts you in limelight…be optimistic and this will be a much better year.

Today’s lottery numbers are: 7, 8, 14, 17, 21, 30
Celebrities Born on October 16 are: Rex Bell (Cowboy Actor), Michael Conrad (Actor), Linda Darnell (Actor), William O Douglas (Supreme Court Justice), Wild Bill Elliott (Actor), Flea (Bassist/”Red Hot Chili Peppers“), Emile Ford (Rocker./Singer), Mahalia Jackson (Musician), Angela Lansbury (Actor/”Murder She Wrote”), Kellie Martin (Actor), John Mayer (Musician), Eugene O’Neill (Dramatist), Alice Pearce (Comedienne), Tim Robbins (Actor/”Shawshank Redemption“), Suzanne Sommers (Actor), Michael Tylo (Actor), Noah Webster (Lexicographer/”Webster’s Dictionary”), Bob Weir (Guitarist/”Grateful Dead”), Oscar Wilde (Author/”Picture of Dorian Gray“), Wendy Wilson (Rock Vocalist), Kathleen Winsor (Author).

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