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July 13 Ellin Dodge Blogs Numerology Forecasts: Birthdays, Compatibility, Your Life Today, TV News & Views

July 12, 2011

July 12 musing what went around comes back…”Dallas”, the TV major hit coming back in 2012 with familiar squabbles and the people we love and hate…”One Life to Live” and All My Children” 40 year-old soaps canceled on TV = to continue, live, on any internet-enabled service…and Arnold “the Fondler” Schwarzenegger returns to the screen, in the cowboy flick, “Last Stand”, seemingly unfazed by his scandalous behavior, declaring he’s again ready to learn something new = now ready to take the part of a 63 year old, broken-down guy who has to make a moral decision. Arnie, that’s the story of your life – That’s not new. Musing…ya’ think? If we bring back the past we will better tolerate the present?. That’s the blog and here come the forecasts…

…July 13, 2011…a #6 the universe eats at home World-Wide Day when restaurants are less crowded, decision-makers aiming for harmony make adjustments and although international responsibilities are considered, domestic issues in the headlines. Medical, health and education discussers try to find a balance and if this leads to outbreaks, so be it…the job has to get done….In your lifestyle: Diets, food, home improvements and the comforts and maintenance of the home in focus. Obligations and responsibilities keep you busy. The day to return the dinner invitation and phone calls that have been overlooked, to help family and friends in trouble and to keep your emotions in check.

Generally compatible Birthday numbers for #13 are: #1 (business), #2, #5 (opposites attract), #6, #7 (achieve materially), #8 (dynamic duo), #10, #11, #14, #15, #16, #17 (financial success), #19, #20, #23, #24, #25, #26 (domestic and financial), #28, #29. Incompatible numbers are uncomfortable with the #13 drive to accomplish tangible results everyday, are too much the same or live for the moment and do not build for the future.

If July 13 is your birthday, you are naive and sociable in youth and you have one important upset mid-life that gives you independent focus and sets you on a stable course…Your life is one of change and ongoing renewal. You are idealistic, a hard worker and want a secure home and safe relationships. You like procedures and want to know what has to be done and you do it. Your greatest asset is to take things that others throw away and create new and lasting products.

In 2011, you are busy…family matters occupy your mind, time and money. Your efforts are rewarded and and plans turn out successfully. Music and the arts interest you. However, you must avoid scattering and finish everything you begin. Be discerning about the commitments you take on to be sure they do not induce stress. There’s love all around, people in authority are helpful and you are benefitting from past efforts and past relationships in all areas of life.

In 2011 wear the color blue to attract protective, conscientious, stable lovers and friends.

Blue Sapphire is your gem in 2011.

People whose names begin with the letters F, O and X may try to interfere with your plans 2011

Sunday, Monday and Friday are your lucky days of the week in 2011.

Your 2011 lottery numbers are: 4,6, 8, 17, 22, 24.

Celebrities born on July 13 are: Sidney Blackmer (Actor), Bob Crane (Actor), Cameron Crowe (Film Director), Deborah Cox (Actor/Singer), Harrison Ford (Actor), Dave Garroway (TV Talk Host), Ian Hislop (Writer), Ben Johnson (Actor), Louise Mandrell (Country Singer), Cheech Marin (Comedian), Roger McGuinn (Singer/”The Byrds”), Mark Medoza (Musician), Per Norgard (Composer), Eric Portman (Actor), Erno Rubik (Inventor/ Rubics Cube), Charles Scribner (Music Publisher), Patrick Stewart (Actor), Jamie Walters (Actor/Singer).

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If April 20 is Your Birthday Numerology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

April 19, 2011

If April 20 is your birthday, there’s the joy of music, a need for your own home, famiy and close friendly ties and a talent for accumulating knowledge and working in a field where attention to detail is a major factor.   You have strong ties to your mother, are sensitive to your environment, emotional, helpful, affectionate and prefer to work with others, not alone.  Life offers many reasons to change circumctances and through the many decisions you make , you learn to get proof of information before acting upon it and see things as they really are.  Once you are willing to let-go of unsuccessful habits, are willing to adapt to ever changing situations and are not deceived by outward appearances, you narrow your ambitions and develop a non-threatening, decisive, stress-free lifestyle. 

In 2011 you will need to move quickly, make new contacts and individualize your goals.  Listen to your intuition and make the changes you’ve been contemplating.  April offers surprises andf pivital changes, May focus is on home and family responsibilities, June slows you down to contemplate, meditate, analyze and July is your take-action ‘power’ month that brings in money and/or material objectives.  Nothing new begins in August.  However, you tie up loose ends, pay debts and receive final payments.  You are ready in September to visualize your new long-term ambitions and goals.  Whatever you sow in 2011 – you reap in the incoming eight years.

Wear the color red  to attract associates who energize you mentally and physically in 2011.               
Ruby is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters A, J and S are motivated to promote your new schemes in  2011. 

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are: 1, 2, 10, 15, 19, 24.    

Celebrities born on April 20 are: Bruce Cabot (Actor/”Diamond Are Forever”, original “King Kong”), Peter Chelsom (Director/”Hannah Montana the Movie“,”Shall We Dance”), William deVry (Actor/TV Soaps,”The Bold and the Beautiful”,”All My Children”), Carmen Electra (Actor/Model/Sex Symbol/”Batwatch”), Adrian Fernandez (Racing Driver), Viacheslav Fetisov (NHL Defenseman/Team Russia, Detroit USA), Nina Foch (Actor/”American in Paris”), James Gammon (Actor/”Cool Hand Luke”), Lionel Hampton (Orchestra Leader/Jazz Vibraphone Improvisor),  Adolph Hitler (Dictator Nazi Germany, 1936-1945), Brody Hutzler (Actor/TV Soaps,”Days of Our Lives”,The Young and the Restless”), Gregory Itzin (Actor/”24″), Jessica Lange (Actor/”King Kong”, Tootsie”), Joey Lawrence (Actor), Harold Lloyd (Actor/Silent Films Comedian), Stanley Marcus (Retailer/Founder Neiman-Marcus Department Store Family Dynasty), Don Mattingly (Baseball/NY Yankees 1st Baseman/Now Dodgers Coach), Killer Mike (Rapper), Juan Miro (Spanish Painter/Sculptor/”Dog Barking at the Moon”), Shemar Moore (Actor/”Criminal Minds”), Donald R Petit (PHD/Astronaut), Philippe Pinal (Founder of Psychiatry),  Tito Puente (Bandleader), Gregory Ratoff (Actor/Director/”Corsican Brothers”), Odilon Redon (French painter/Author, “La Nuit”,”Raves”), Alan Reed (Actor/Voice/Fred Allen Show, Fred Flintstone), J D Roth (TV Personality/Show Creator,”The Biggest Loser”)  Edie Sedgwick (Actor/”Ciao Manhatten”), (Actor/”Lord of the Rings”), Vesselin Stoyanov (Russian Composer), Johnny Tillotson (Singer), Luther Vandross (Rock Vocalist/”On the Wings of Love”), Kees Verway (Painter/Water Colors/Cartoonist), Donald Wolfit (Actor/”Lawrence of Arabia”,”Beckett”), Tamara Sergeyevna Zakharova (Russian Cosmonaut). 

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