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If March 25 is Your Birthday Numerology Forecast & Analysis

March 24, 2011

If March 25 is your birthday, You are happiest and healthiest living near the water.  After a difficult youth…after overcoming many obstacles…you learn to concentrate and recognize the negative aspects in your personality = you vacillate and get lazy.  When you develop your energetic mind, use your intuition comfortably and acquire practical wisdom, successful careers in the arts and business or politics are open to you.   The key to planning for a stressless lifestyle, is to concentrate on one profession or business and not wander in and out of unconventional interests.

Develop your talents for observation and attention to details, avoid being impulsive and allow your quest for knowledge to lead you to a work that you enjoy perfecting.  In 2011, there will be opportunities to satisfy your love of travel, to make changes and to do and study a variety of things that expand your business and personal life.

2011 is a pivotal change year that will present new angles and a broader scope. Last year’s plans are not written in cement.  Be adaptable: Expect the unexpected and recognize that surprises occur to open you up to new ways to progress   Your opportunities lie away from your ordinary routines.  Make room for new people and experiences.  March and December are your ‘power’ months when money and material objectives are lucky.  In general 2011 is a year to take a risk, to enjoy your freedom and to experience sensual pleasures. 

Wear the color turquoise to attract  versatile, mentally curious, clever people in 2011.
Turquoise is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters E, N and W are exciting, enjoyable companions in 2011. 

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are: 1, 5, 7, 10, 23, 28. 

Celebrities born on March 25 are: Bela Bartok (Composer/Pianist), Bonnie Bedelia (Actor), Ed Begley (Actor), Anita Bryant (Singer), Frankie Carle (Orchestra Leader), Howard Cosell (Sportscaster), Eileen Ford (Founder Ford Model Agency), Aretha Franklin (Singer), Paul Michael Glaser (Actor), Sir Elton John (Singer), James A Lovell, Jr. (Astronaut), Nancy Kelly (Actor), Flannery O’Connor (Writer), Sarah Jessica Parker (Actor), Simone Signoret (Actor), Gloria Steinem (Writer/ Publisher/Feminist), Arturo Toscanini (Temperamental Musical Conductor).

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