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July 8 Ellin Dodge Blogs Numerology Forecasts: Birthdays, Compatibility, Your Life Today, World Opinion

July 7, 2011

July 7 musing mostly norms and one oddball thought …tomorrow brings a change to the US debt crisis talks and creative ideas should bring progress.  To look forward to…Meryl Streep is set to play Margaret Thatcher in an upcoming film (“The Iron lady”) and that should be her 14th walk to Academy Awards stage to collect an Oscar.  The three month mortgage payment forbearance for jobless homeowners has been increased to twelve months, the private sector beats job growth expectations and  less people are reported to be applying for unemployment benefits in the US.   All that seems like normal news…my only odd feeling while musing…I think that President Obama may not choose to run for his second term in 2012 with his current Vice President, Joe Biden.   When analyzing Joe and Jill Biden’s numerology charts years ago, I saw that 2012 brings disappointment in a a karmic “rise to fall”  testing number for both.  It’s unusual for a president to change horses in mid-stream…however, Obama’s not the usual president.  That was the Blog and here come the forecasts…

…July 8, 2011…a #1 ‘new ideas in the headlines’ World-Wide Day…new leaders appointed, new committees formed, stubborn people strike and stock markets are stronger.  Progress begins in many universal areas.  In your lifestyle: Contemplated changes are made and you promote your own enterprizes.  New contacts lead to seeking jobs and there is definite purpose to the day.  Be original, be true to your own beliefs and creative visualizations: Trust yourself, stay in action and go after what you want. 

Generally compatible Birthday numbers for #8 are: #1 (must be business allies), #2, #3, #4(material accomplishments) #5 dynamic duo), #6 (domestic happiness), #7 (divine partnership), #10 must not vie for supremacy), #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22 (amazing material accomplishments),#23, #24, #25 #27, #29, #30, #31.  #8 is a powerhouse, ambitious leader and athlete and will not be adaptable with incompatible numbers.  

If July 8 is your birthday, your energy is channeled to the material world and you are slated to be the “big boss” or star athlete.  You are efficient, shrewd, resourceful and ambitious and aim to be involved with big business rather than a small enterprise.  The older you get the more patient, diplomatic and responsible you become and your persistance and courage add to your creative talents and managerial capabilities to make you an all-around lifestyle winner.

In 2011, there will be obstacles to your new ideas and objectives initially – stops and starts throughout the spring and summer and a job offer comes in November that puts your to working through the December holidays.  Believe in yourself and follow your own counsel.  Avoid impulsive actions but take a chance on luck.  There are love, marriage, family reunions and financial rewards for past productive efforts available to you.  If you are careful, cautious and patient with yourself and others and do not expect instant gratification, you will make wise choices and make a new promising start.   

In 2011 wear the color red to attract independent, self-sufficient, positive associates.
Ruby is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters A, J and S may overrule your decisions in 2011
Sunday is your lucky day of the week in 2011

Your 2011 lottery numbers are
: 1, 6, 8, 19, 26, 28. 

Celebrities born on July 8 are: Roone Arledge (ABC, Head of Sports Broadcasting), Kevin Bacon (Actor), Louis W Ballard (Author/Composer/Artist/”Incident at Wounded Knee”), Beck (Guitarist/Singer), Billy Crudup (Actor), Kim Darby (Actor), Billy Eckstine (Jazz Singer), Faye Emerson (Actor), Marty Feldman (Comedian), Cynthia Gregory (Ballerina), Lori Hallier (Actor), Anjelica Huston (Actor), Philip Johnson (Architect), Toby Keith (Country Singer), Walter Kerr (Drama Critic), Steve Lawrence (Singer/Actor), Todd Martin (Tennis Star), Chuck Negron (Rock Vocalist), Wolfgang Puck (Celebrity Chef), John D Rockefeller (Founder of Standard Oil), Nelson Rockefeller (US Vice President),  George W Romney (Governor-R-Michigan), Craig Stevens (Actor), Ned Sublette (Composer/Musician), Jeffrey Tambor (Actor),  Anna Quindlen (Author/Journalist), Jerry Vale (Singer), Ferdinand Graf von Zeppelin (Inventor/Rigid Dirigibles), Michael Weatherly (Actor),  Marianne Williamson(Spiritual Activist/Author).

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We’re Still Trying to Beat Energy-Sucking Stress-Reprint from February 2009

April 3, 2011

Beat Energy-Sucking Stress with Beatle-Method-Mania

By numberslady8

So good to know that Paul Mccartney and Ringo Starr, the Fab Two – with good humor, upstage each other today just as they did when they were two of the ‘Fab Four.”   The two remaining Beatles performed at a Radio City Music Hall concert to fund their Transcendental Meditation charity for teaching the TM relaxation techniques to school children and if their youthful, enthusiastic, abilities are enhanced by their thirty plus years of TM practice, I’m off to learn to relax stressful tensions at will, and buy a meditation rug.

Back in the 1960′s, only the wealthy or those who cared little for money went to India to study as did the Beatles.  In the 60′s and 70′s the enlightened were meditating four times a day for twenty-five minutes and positioned, following the rotation of the earth.  Since the Beatles embraced TM, their encouragement and the changing times have brought many forms of meditation into conventional use.

 TM is one form of relaxation technique based in the joyful attitude of the Yogi founder of The International Meditation Society.  He found the Beatles or the Beatle found him…no matter.  The Beatles opened the door for Tai Chi learning and practice to ease Parkinson’s.  ”Mommy Meditation” for stressful juggling as taught by Dr. Malika Marshall.  Learning and practicing all forms of relaxation techniques – meditation techniques that focus on beautiful, colorful Indian mandalas, intricate, all over beige, Native American sand paintings and Silva Mind Control’s mentally visualizing a peaceful place of relaxation and counting from ten to one backwards repeating Emile Coue’s, “Every day, in every way, feeling better and better.” to return to face activity without stress, in the hectic pace of the material world. 

Even Barack Obama visited Fairfield, Iowa when electioneering…a town that drew 30,000 TM followers years ago and made his speech facing the sun – to the chagrin of media photographers – in keeping with the TM practice of following the earth’s rotation.  Today, positive motivators abound.  Be it sitting still with TM or listening to Louise Hay’s ‘How to Heal Your Life” tapes or checking your alpha rhythms with biorhythm machines in doctor’s offices…there’s a method that can be comfortable for everyone.

In these times of dwindling savings, home foreclosures and job loss – worry can put the best of genes to the test –  you might want to investigate meditation as the tool that sends your emotionally-induced, energy-sucking stress away and increases your ability to sort priorities appropriately and as a result, make practical choices.