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11/11/11 Insights = Friday November 11 Ellin Dodge Blogs Daily & Birthday Numerology Forecasts, Celebrities Birthdays & Lottery Numbers

November 10, 2011
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 #11 as an individual number, when interpreted through numerology, is an impractical, spiritual, idealistic, visionary powerful number that inspires future actions.  At the same time, #11 expresses the launching of inventions, religious movements and interest in social welfare.


 11/11/2011 when interpreted through numerology is a #8 Universal Day.  It is calculated by adding 11 + 11 + 2011 = 2033.  Add again to reduce to a single number and 2 + 0 + 3 + 3 = #8

# 8 is a physical, practical, financial, materially powerful number that increases business, sets off corporate activity and expands commercial relations with foreign countries.  At the same time, #8 also expresses the accumulation of ongoing irritations.


 #8 deals in reality and #11 deals in dreams.  Put the two together and Friday, November 11, 2011 puts money, corporate and government power-plays and “movers and shakers” and matters of religion, idealists, visions and revelations into focus…


 …AND, just to keep you thinking about number meanings…Here are a few names that vibrate to and correspond to the idealistic, visionary # 11: JESUS, ADOLPH, MUHAMMAD, SIDDHARTHA, ZOROASTER, NAPOLEON, ABEL and OSAMA bin LADEN


Names that vibrate to and correspond to the material power of the #8: MOSES, ABRAHAM, CONDOLEEZZA, RUPERT, STEVE (Jobs), BILL (Clinton, Gates), INGVAR (Kamprad, Founder of IKEA), (Mark) ZUCKERBERG, and JOHN KENNEDY.

In Your Life On Friday, November 11, 2011: The challenge for today is to your ability to know when to ignore petty details, solve the problem and seize the opportunity to get whatever you want.  If you’re accused of overworking take it as a compliment.  Be self-sufficient, take charge and be as hard on yourself as you are with others.  Assume the role of a confident, understanding executive with co-workers and family.  There are opportunities to improve finances, discover bargains and increase power today.  Nothing should stand in your way, but if you are challenged, be assured that today you’re a convincing problem-solver when you need to be.

If November 11 is Your birthday in 2011: Expect to meet people and experiences that offer you the opportunity to capitalize financially, materially and emotionally on the changes you made seven years ago.  This is a powerful year!  You will realize that you have the ability to solve your own problems. You will probably want to improve your lifestyle. 

Opportunities to earn or receive increased sums of money begin in February and reach a pinnacle in September.  October brings in more financial activity and November starts a new improved direction.  In December you’re dealing with details and on your way to a more powerful lifestyle that continues through 2012.


 Your renewed energy makes your mind sharper and adds balance to your body.  You have more stamina. 


 “Choose always the way that seems the best, however rough it may be; custom will soon render it easy and agreeable.”


Pythagoras, Philosopher/Mathematician, “Father of Numbers”


In business, it is important to be active and willing to assume additional responsibility.  You are compelling and send out a vibration of strength, accountability and executive judgment.  In career or job, if you have worked and increased your knowledge and professionalism, expect to improve your position and income.  At work, in the community and at home, emotional relationships benefit from your businesslike attitude.  Last year’s timing was not appropriate for material expansion.  This is your year to gather your forces and “go for the gold.”

Today’s Lottery Numbers are: 2, 6, 8, 22, 24, 26
Celebrities Born on November 11 are: Christa B Allen (Actor), Dave Aloin (Singer/Guitarist), Bibi Andersson (Actor), Jon B (R & B Singer), Senator Barbara Boxer (Politician), Tyler Christopher (Actor), Marshall Crenshaw (Singer), David DeLuise (Actor), Leonardo DiCaprio (Actor), Alison Doody (Actor), Calista Flockhart (Actor), Alger Hiss (Civil Servant accused of being Commmunist Spy), Carson Kressley (TV Personality), Charles ‘Lucky Luciano (Gangster), Alissia Marcuzzi (Actor), Demi Moore (Actor), Bill Moseley (Actor), Pat O’Brien (Actor), Willie Parker (Football), US General George S Patton Jr (WW II Commander), Jessica Sierra (Singer/”American Idol”), Melissa Stark(Sportscaster), Stanley Tucci (Actor), Kurt Vonnegut Jr (Author), Peta Wilson (Actor), Jonathan Winters (Comedian/Actor).

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