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July 27 Ellin Dodge Blogs Daily Numerology Forecasts & Jimi Hendrix Connection to “If 6 was 9”

July 26, 2011
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July 26 musing Jimi Hendrix….wondering again how he came to write “If 6 Was 9 I Won’t Mind.”  Did Hendrix know number meanings?  The numbers 6 and 9 are so connected to his life story.Back in the early 1980’s, a client came to my NYC office who said he was with Hendrix in Londonwhen he died, a Hendrix London manager, a Hendrix friend working for The Hendrix Estate lawyer on research for a Hendrix movie and assumed I knew who Hendrix was.  He came to me for a Jimi Hendrix reading…I had no idea who Hendrix was as I am of the Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra era – so, I called my son who knows everything, who moaned, “Ma, ya’ gott’a know who he is! ” and went on to say he was a legend, an icon rock star.  So, now I had an idea of who Hendrix was but after I took one look at the numerology chart I prepared, I realized the client wanted a reading for a dead person although my client did not tell me. I did many readings for this client including Hendrix father, mother, brother, step-sister, early manager, a woman who was a long-time-confident-friend and more.  During the course of the client meetings, interesting concepts about his father, his loves, his loyalties, his connection to the waters depths, where his electronic genius came from, what he was doing just before he died and why he died came out during the weeks of be saved for another day of musings.

The client mentioned the song,  “If 6 Was 9″ and I asked if Hendrix was into numerology.  He said,” no”.   However, I feel that Hendrix met Pythagoras, the “Father of Numbers and Numerology in another life, was tuned in to the Akashic Records and used his “Old Soul” clout to gain information from above or met someone who taught him the meanings of the numbers 6 and 9.  I believe “there are no accidents”.  Somehow Hendrix knew and was intended to know. 

#6 = Wants and forms family relationships, wants the roots of home, feels sympathy, is understanding, is nurturing and has musical talent and the responsibility to maintain harmony in the environment.  #9 = the highest evolvement of human nature, born with creative talents and knowledge to be given to the world, and wisdom beyond his years to be used to serve humanity.  #9 Hendrix Destiny = to find his opportunities among emotional, artistic, inspirational people = “to learn the highest vibration of the artist” and to appeal to the world.  Comparing the number meanings and Hendrix saying, he won’t mind changing #6 family-love for #9 applause-from-an-audience-love could be the story of his life.

Hendrix wanted love and searched for family relationships the #6 offered and he’d die and pass-up his #9 fame and glory to be himself.  He said in the lyrics, “Now, if 6 turned up to be 9, I don’t mind, I don’t mind.”  

That’s the Blog and here come the forecasts… 

…July 27, 2011…a #2 nothing much gets done World-Wide Day.  Details collected.  Diplomats at work.  In your lifestyle: Co-operate and ‘make-nice’ to get what you want.  Gather information and do the details of the projects in motion.  Remain calm, placid and keep your opinions to yourself.  A low energy day when leading the pack gets you in trouble and taking a back-seat attracts what you need. 

Generally compatible Birthday numbers for #27 are:All numbers are compatible with #27.  

If July 27 is your birthday,you were a precocious, wise child and remain a philosophical “old soul” throughout your life.  You are changeable, a bit of a maverick and want to be married but may find marriage disappointing.  You are forceful, versatile and have a quiet determination that puts you in leadership positions.  Traditional religions may not be to your liking and you tend toward the wisdoms of the East.  Your talents may take you into the law, diplomacy, the stock market or the arts…sculpting, writing, lecturing or teaching.  If you remain confident and positive and avoid becoming self-absorbed, you bring your ideas out of the realm of concepts and make them a financially successful reality. 

In 2011,advantages, recognition and romance comes your way.  Dreams are always important in your life and this year, your subconscious is working overtime to being you answers from within.  Love, family and finance benefit from the plans and alliances you make.  This is a reconstructive, lucrative year if you are decisive, ready to alter familiar habits, control your emotions and because outward appearances may be deceiving, exercise caution and thoughtfulness.  Be open to change…The best is yet to come.  

In 2011 wear the color orange to attract friendly, gentle, sensitive associates. 
Moonstone is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters B, K and T be too dependent in 2011
Monday is your lucky day of the week in 2011

Your 2011 lottery numbers are
: 2, 9, 16, 18, 20, 29. 

Celebrities born on July 27 are: Cliff Curtis (Actor), Bill Engvall (Actor/Comedian), Peggy Flemming (Olympic Figure Skater), Harvey Fuqua (Hall of Fame Singer), Bobbie Gentry (Singer), Gary Gygax (Co-Creator “Dungeons & Dragons” Fantasy game), Cheyene Kimball (Singer/”Gloriana”), Norman Lear (TV Sitcom Producer/Writer), Carol Leifer (Comedienne), Maureen McGovern (Singer), Julian McMahon (Actor), Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Actor), Alex Rodriguez (Baseball), Lou Taylor Pucci (Actor), Maya Rudolph (Actor/Comedienne), Radi Serbedzija (Actor), Betty Thomas (Actor), Triple H (Pro Wrestler),  Jerry Van Dyke (Actor), Keenan Wynn(Comedian),Pete Yorn (Singer). 

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If May 3 is your Birthday Numeology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

May 2, 2011

If May 3 is your birthday, you’re charming, imaginative, youthful and enjoy having an audience.  Whether you speak or write, words are your major tool for career choices and socializing enhances your lifestyle.  You are multi-talented and express yourself in many artistic ways.  You are aware of your appearance and this has an important effect on those you meet.  Socializing and entertaining are necessary in your life.  Travel broadens your experiences and offers new opportunities.  Choose to focus on one talent, master it and be sure that it doesn’t keep you confined to close quarters or demand hours of isolation…you are restless and require an element of freedom and as few responsibilities as possible to be happy.

In 2011 expect to overcome difficulties and feel optimistic about the future.  Spend money on updating your wardrobe, entertain and be entertained and revitalize old friendships and make new ones.  Business mixes well with pleasure and adds to recognition of your talents and personality.  Lucky breaks will drop in your lap and friends will open doors to a variety of financial and personal opportunities.  The negative aspect of 2011 is talking too much…carelessly…without thinking of the effects of your words before you speak and scattering interests…not completing commitments or foolishly spending money on fads and momentary fancies.  May is your power month for incoming financial and material successes, gifts and opportunities.  Enjoy this happy time and expect to begin balancing your budget and getting down to practical work in October.  

2011 wear the color yellow to attract creative, amusing, generous associates.               
Topaz is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters C, L and U enhance your popularity in 2011.
Wednesday is your lucky day of the week in 2011.

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are:  4, 7, 11, 20, 25, 29.   

Celebrities born on May 3 are:  Mary Astor (Actor/’The Maltese Falcon”), Earl Blackwell (writer/’Celebrity Register“), Beulah Bondi (Actor/”It’s A Wonderful Life”), James Brown (Singer), Cheryl Burke (“Dancing With the Stars”), Bobby Cannavale (Actor/”Cold Case”, “Third Watch”), Betty Comden (Songwriter/”Bells Are Ringing”), Bing Crosby (Singer, Multi-Media, “Going My Way”, White Christmas”), Christopher Cross (Singer/Songwriter/”Arthur’s Theme”,”Ride Like the Wind”), Ann B Davis (Actor/”The Brady Bunch”), Richard D’oyly Carte (Opera Impresario), Ben Elton (English Comedian/Author/Playwright/Director),  Samantha Egger (Actor), Farrah Franklin (Singer/”Destiny’s Child), Allen Ginsberg (Beat Generation Poet), Greg Gumbel (Sportscaster), Christina Hendricks (Actor/”Mad Men”), Dule Hill(Actor/”Psych”,”West Wing”), Doug Henning (Magician), William M Inge (Playwright/”Picnic”/1953 Pultizer), Kevin Kilner (Actor/”Dollhouse”,”Damages”), Niccolo Michiavelli (Politician/Author/”The Prince”), Golda Meir (4th Israeli Prime Minister), Robert Osborne (Actor/Film Historian), Mikhail Prokhorov (Russian Self-Made Billionaire), Sugar Ray Robinson (Professional Boxer), Pete Seeger (Folk Singer/Political Activist), Walter Slezak (Actor/”Bedtime for Bonzo“, “Lifeboat”), Tatyana Tolstaya (Russian Writer), Frankie Valli (Lead Singer “The Four Seasons”), Earl Wilson (Social Scene Columnist).   

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If May 2 is Your Birthday Numerology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

May 1, 2011

If May 2 is your birthday, you are sensitive, affectionate and prefer laid-back-easygoing relationships.  You are not a forceful, aggressive, entrepreneur-ish person and do well as “the power behind the throne”…a diplomatic, detail conscious go-between and administrator who sees both sides of a question and is depended upon to keep a CEO, assertive, executive-type on track and succeeding.  To achieve your great potential for extraordinary service in a lifestyle where you are beloved by all, stay positive, maintain self-confidence and know that your happiness and material success is achieved through cooperative partnership.

Just do what comes naturally in 2011.   Follow your comfort-zone, be receptive and allow the things you need to come to you.  Keep an open mind and collect the friends, business associates and the things you need to support your new goals.  The key words this year are patience, tolerance, humility and modesty…keep cool, calm and pleasant and your most gentle and genteel manners will bring opportunities to you.  June is your busiest,  most profitable, problem-solving month.   If you plan to work with others, avoid super-sensitivity and “make love not war,” your progress is assured.  Expect October to begin the seeping-in of an optimistic, cheerful, sociable 2012.

2011 wear the color orange to attract careful, kind, adaptable associates.               
Moonstone is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters B, K and T may be petty and irritate you in in 2011.
Monday is your lucky day of the week in 2011.

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are:  4, 7, 11, 20, 25, 29.   

Celebrities born on May 2 are:  Brian Aherne (Actor/”Juarez”), Lily Allen (Singer), Christina Baranski (Actor), David Beckham (Soccer Star), Theodore Bikel )Actor/Folk Singer/Musician/”The Russians Are Coming”,”The African Queen”), Robert Buckley (Actor/”Lipstick Jungle”,”One Tree Hill”),  Kyle Busch (NASCAR/Driver), Vernon Castle (Ballroom Dancer/Partner of Sister, Irene Castle), Catherine II of Russia (Empress), Bing Crosby (Singer/Multi-Media Star), Larry Gatlin (Singer), Lesley Gore (Singer/”It’s My Party”), Lorenz Hart (Lyricist/Composing Partner of Richard Rogers), Hedda Hopper (Gossip Columnist), Englebert Humperdinck (Singer), Bianca Jagger (Model/ Ex-Wife of Mick Jagger/Human Rights Activist), Pinky Lee (Comedian/Children’s Show Host), Dwayne Johnson (Professional Wrestler/Actor), Kay Panabaker (Actor/”Nancy Drew”, “Summerland”), Tyrone Power (Actor/”Alexander’s Ragtime Band“), Manfred von Richthofen (German Fighter Pilot/”The Red Baron”), Dr Benjamin Spock (Author/”Baby and Child Care”), David Suchet (Actor/”Hercule Poirot”), Donatella Vercace (Fashion Designer).  

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