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June 19, 2011

As you’re reading this, I’m wondering…in the White House = why President Obama’s kids named the dog after him?  B.O., the president’s initials and ‘Bo’, the dogs name…well, it’s kinda’ cute…and remembering …I used to associate the initials B O with needing underarm deodorant…that’s what we called ‘body odor’ when I was in grade school…wonder too, if the Pres got teased for his initials when he was a kid?

June 20, 2011…a #3 World-Wide Day.  Today negotiations completed, some celebrations, more talks begin, romances and domestic focus in the headlines.  Stock markets could be erratic and no financial focus.  There’s nervous energy effecting communications worldwide.  In your lifestyle:  You’re looking for diversions, amusements, to go shopping and be entertained.  Money may be spent foolishly and budgets get bruised.  To use this day wisely, play Monopoly at home with friends or get away from home to mix business with pleasure.

Generally compatible Birthday numbers for #20 are:
  #1, #2 (need shared goals), #3, #4, #6, #7 (compatible, not practical), #8 (business), #9, #10, #11 (need shared goals), #12, #13, #15, #16, #17 (lucky with money), #18, #19, #20 (need shared), #21, #22, # 26, #25, #26 (domestic and financial success), #27, #29, #30, #31.  #20 is competitive with incompatible numbers and is happiest getting recognition for being supportive.   

If June 20 is your birthday, intimate relationships, friendliness, a good education, a business where attention to detail is valued, musical interests and cozy feelings of protection in your environment brings out the best in you.  Your own home family and a lifestyle that is not focused on manual labor, preferably in the country (not a bustling urban community) and a laid, back, easy-going intimate love that appreciates your sympathetic, affectionate nature is in your future if you don’t already have it.  

In 2011, enjoy socializing, game-playing and keep the atmosphere around you cheerful and optimistic.   Projects begun two years ago come to light and you have a better idea of where your future lies.  You may find maintaining a budget difficult as your talents are realized and many things and people are attractive to you.  Expect to scatter time, money and energy to enlarge and improve friendships and business relationships.  Without being frivolous, enjoy being happy.  Walk out the door with a smile on your face and leave your troubles at home to use this year’s vibes wisely.  You’ll come down to earth in October and 2012 will put you to work organizing for practical purposes.

In 2011 wear the color yellow to attract amusing, artistic, inspirational relationships.
Topaz  is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters C, L an U rekindle friendships 2011.
Wednesday is your lucky day of the week in 2011.

Your 2011 lottery numbers are:  3, 5, 19, 21, 23, 30.  

Celebrities born on June 20 are
: Danny Aiello (Actor), Michael Anthony (Bassist/Van Halen), Chet Atkins (Guitarist), Michael Corbett (Actor), Olympia Dukakis (Actor), Errol Flynn (Actor), John Goodman (Actor/”Roseanne”), Bruce Gordon (Actor/”The Untouchables”),  Lillian Hellman (Playwright), DeForest Kelley (Actor/”Star Trek”),  Cyndi Lauper (Actor), Josh Lucas (Actor), Audie Murphy (WW II Hero/Actor), Jacques Offenbach (Composer), Butch Patrick (Actor (“The Munsters”), Lionel Richie (Singer), Adam Schiff (Politician), Dick Thon (Baseball Hall of Fame), Bob Vila (Entertainer), Brian Wilson (Singer/”Beachboys”).

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