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Sunday, 10/2 Ellin Dodge Blogs Your Daily & Birthday Numerology Forecasts, Celebrities Birthdays & Lottery Numbers

October 1, 2011
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 In Your Life On Sunday, October 2, 2011: There are more than a few aspects to be considered before you make your opinions known.  Don’t resist an urge to silently rethink the situation.  Take yourself and your problems seriously.  Meditate to gain inspiration.  Success depends on a noncommittal response today.  You’ll avoid overextending time and money and be prepared to accept intriguing opportunities that are offered tomorrow if you analyze options in solitude.  Although emotions may be churning…today’s challenge is to your ability to keep your thoughts to yourself. 

 If Today is Your Birthday: In 2011, nothing new will begin easily because the timing is not “right” for changes.  Next year you will have more money to spend.  You will attract expensive gifts and bargains.  You will have better luck when shopping for specific things.  This year, spend money for necessities and develop your fine tastes.


 If you attempt to change something, you will meet with delays, legal complications or untruths.  Change of job, residence, and personal relationship will result in future disappointment or disillusionment.  Your past work and developed relationships will attract all that you really need.  This is a year of silent waiting, little entertainment and deep meditation.  Socialize with people you respect and can offer intellectual or spiritual stimulation.  Many good things will come to you, if you are observant, contemplative and trust your natural instincts.  If you are willing to “surrender” to the aspects this year, you will discover many hidden truths, become strong in your personal beliefs and find great success in all your material ambitions next year.  No matter how old you are you will become more mature this year.


 Your October 2, 2011 lottery numbers are: 3, 6, 8, 18, 24, 25

Celebrities Born on October 2 are:  Marion Bartoli (Tennis Pro), Camilla Bell (Actor), Lorraine Bracco (Actor/”Sopranos”), Brianna Brown (Actor/’General Hospital”), Avery Brooks (Actor/”Star Trek”Deep Space Nine”), Johnnie Cochran Jr (Celebrity Attorney), Mahatma Gandhi (India Independence Leader), Bud Gaugh (Drummer/”Sublime in Rome”), Freddie Jackson (Singer), Donna Karan (Fashion Designer), Chris Le Doux (Country Singer/Rodeo Campion), Mandisa (“American Idol”), Jef Martin (Singer/Songwriter), Grouch Marx (Comedian), George ‘Spanky” McFarland (Child Movie Star), Don McLean (Singer), Jana Novotna (Tennis Hall of Fame), Proof (Rapper),  Rex Reed (Critic), Kelly Ripa (Actor/TV Personality, Sam Roberts (Singer/Songwriter), Mike Rutherford (Guitarist/”Genesis”), Corey Smith (NFL), Sting (Singer/Bassist), Tiffany (Singer), Gillian Welch (Singer), Kelly Willis (Country Singer), Maury Wills (Baseball). 
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