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#18 World, Birthday Forecasts and Compatibility Numbers

June 17, 2011

As you’re reading this, I’m wondering… if the SEC will do anything to credit rating agencies for their part in creating the financial crisis…they’re thinking about it…What’s to think about?  Do something!  If all across Syria, protestors are putting their lives on the line calling for their president’s resignation and Saudi women are driving in protest to the ban on women behind the wheel, why does the SEC hesitate’s to take action?  Oops…that takes courage. 

June 18, 2011…a #1 World-Wide Day.  Today there’s action: New ideas are promoted, markets get stronger and unions want to strike.  It’s a pioneering day when new standards are established, unique products are created and we’ll see Facebook on our IPads any minute.  In your lifestyle: You’ll make the changes you’ve been contemplating and make contacts that help you promote your goals.  Self-reliance gets you everywhere since everyone is doing their own thing and won’t have time to help you.

Generally compatible Birthday numbers for #18 are: All numbers.  The #18 is tolerant and has the power to bring wisdom and healing to all personalities and lifestyles.  Marriage may be difficult to maintain as the #18 is inclined to reach out to serve humanitarian needs and causes. 

If June 18 is your birthday, as a child you’re precocious – too wise and old for your years – and great things are expected of you.  You are emotional, intelligent, efficient, independent and dogged in your determination to succeed.  Life offers travel, many changes and activity.  It’s important that you get enough sleep and care for your body as you are an emotional  ‘giver’ who brings vision, counseling
and wisdom to those you touch.

In 2011, unusual events occur as you are actively making plans and changes. Independence is the key to your progress.  July is my your money and power month so, make your own decisions and go for the gold.  Follow your own counsel, be patient, don’t scatter your goals and be confident about your appearance and talents.  By September’s end you’ll know the new direction your about to take for the incoming eight years. 

In 2011 wear the color red to attract  creative, positive, energetic friends.
Ruby  is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters A, J and S may challenge your leadership 2011.
Sunday is your lucky day of the week in 2011.

Your 2011 lottery numbers are: 1, 5, 8, 10, 27, 28. 

Celebrities born on June 18 are
:  Eva Bartok (Actor), Philip Barry (Dramatist), Richard Boone (Actor), Bud Collyer (TV MC), Roger Ebert (Film Critic), Andrea Evans (Actor), Carol Kane (Actor), Kay Kyser (Orchestra Leader), Paul Lansky (Electronic & computer music pioneer), E G Marshall (Actor), Paul McCartney (Singer/Songwriter),  Jeanetter McDonald (Singer),  Robert Mondavi (American Pioneer Vintner), Sylvia Porter (Financial Writer), Darren Dizzy Reed (Musician), Isabella Rossellini (Actor). 

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