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Sunday, 9/25 Ellin Dodge Blogs your Daily & Birthday Numerology Forecasts, Celebrities Birthdays & Lottery Numbers

September 24, 2011
Catherine Zeta-Jones at the Cannes film festival

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In Your Life On Sunday, September 25: Patience and a gentle approach are needed.  Get little chores done and be receptive to another’s ideas.  There’s no reason to rush through jobs and speed through your work.  Today’s challenge is to your ability to recognize that your emotions are in high-gear and “it’s not all about you.”  If you maintain an easy-going attitude you will attract all the help you need.  Don’t lose your temper and avoid making big deals out of little things.  Insensitive criticism or nervous outbursts may put off associates that intend to be helpful. 

 If Today is Your Birthday expect to meet people and experiences that offer you the opportunity to discover the details of the projects you began last year.  Plans and concepts that you made last fall were based upon intellectual judgments.  Your emotional adjustment to the new focus needs time to sink in.  There will be emotional reactions.  Give yourself a break.  Allow yourself to emotionally digest and adapt to your new situation.  Allow yourself to observe and ingest the new roles people play in your developing lifestyle.  In 2011, during the #2 Personal Year, expect to be personally sensitive, less energetic and inclined to self-absorption (self pity???)  In matters of finance and material accomplishments, you are “treading water.”   It’s fine to be easy-going and a bit self-indulgent.  The nurturing you need in order to blossom may not be apparent to you.   Seeds nurture in the soil until they are strong enough to reach the ground’s surface.  Your plans are nurturing unseen during the #2 Personal Year: You are growing! 


Your September 25, 2011 lottery numbers are

: 7, 11, 16, 20, 28, 29 

Celebrities Born on September 25 are: Hubie Brown (Basketball), Fletcher Christian (English Pirate), Erik Darling (Rocker), Michael Douglas (Actor/Husband of Catherine Zeta-Jones), Wiliam Faulkner (Author), Robert Gates (US Secretary of Defense), Mark Hamill (Actor/”Star Wars”), Heather Locklear (Actor), Scottie Pippen (NBA Forward),  Juliet Prowse (Actor/Dancer), Aldo Ray (Actor), Christopher Reeve (Actor), Phil Rizzuto (Baseball), Ethe Rosenberg (American Accused Communist), Mark Rothko (Artist), Dmitri Shostakovoch (Composer), Shel Silverstein (Humorist), Will Smith (Rapper/ Actor/”Men in Black”/Husband of Jada Pinkett)), Cheryl Teigs (Super Model), Aida Turturro (Actor/”The Sopranos’), Jan Tyson (Actor), Robert Walden (Actor), Anson Williams (Actor/”Happy Days”), Barbara Walters (Journalist), Brigette Wilson (Actor/”Mortal Kombat’), Catherine Zeta-Jones (Actor/Wife of Michael Douglas).  

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