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May 4, 2009

Translating my numerologist observation to number…Cannot remember seeing Eleanor and Franklin, Bess and Harry, Mamie and Dwight, Lyndon and Ladybird, Richard and Pat, Jimmy and Rosalyn, George and Laura – or even, Jack and Jackie, Nancy and Ronnie or Bill and Hillary share a sensual dating like…

…watching Michelle and Barach Obama have a date.   They made me think of the words “SEX and FUN.  The thought came to me as I observed them….There’s a sensual, lightheartedness…they make fun look sexy and make thoughts of sex seem like fun.

Every word has a number and every number has a meaning…and the word and the number meaning should be the same. 

It seems to me that SEX (S=1 + E=5 + X= 6), add 1+5+6=12, add the sum to reduce to a single number…1+2=#3.  Three is the number of FUN.    SEX should be FUN.

It seems to me that FUN (F=6 + U=3 + N=5), add 6+3+5=14, add the sum to reduce to a single number…1+4=#5.  Five is the number of SEX.  FUN should be SEX.

Thinking…Maybe my expectation of marriage — maybe my marriages would have turned out better if the previous White House residents had allowed me to observe Obama- type dates…So sensual…After dinner…meandering through the White House garden before “calling it a night.” – if Barack wasn’t looking forward to watching the game?  However…Michelle’s gonna’ speak up…I think the Obama’s are a delight!