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Sunday, November 6 Ellin Dodge Blogs Your Daily & Birthday Numerology Forecasts, Celebrities Birthdays & Lottery Numbers

November 5, 2011
Cover of "Dead Poets Society"

Cover of Dead Poets Society

 In Your Life On Sunday, November 6, 2011: Expect to have a busy morning, pleasant social interruptions and an evening of conversation. The challenge for today is to your ability to find time to do the little details.  Plans for reorganizing things on the domestic front and the timing you’ve outlined prove to be excellent.  If there’s any difficulty it involves questions that relate to romantic or creative developments.  You’ve been hoping that certain matters dear to your heart go well.  However, you cannot rely on the circumstances surrounding a commitment.  Maintain optimism: Promises made spontaneously may not be feasible at this time and do come through eventually.

If Today is Your Birthday in 2011: Deepen friendships and make business and social contacts that you will enjoy for the incoming seven years.   2011 puts you in the spotlight and encourages you to express your talents, perk up your wardrobe and your home and to be entertaining, entertained and have fun.  Mix family obligations, business and pleasure: Expect to meet people and experiences that notice your talents, offer you opportunities for social growth and make you feel optimistic.  Financially: Friendships bring in profits.


 At times, there may be more talk than action. However, the people are attractive, imaginative and charming.  The experiences are light-hearted, friendly and sociable. 2011 type people can be superficial.  They are creative, artistic, naive and rarely get down to hands-on basics.  They ignore research and analysis and see the imagined product as complete once it enters their minds.  They rarely see details or the labor of a job.  They have a hard time producing tangibles. 


 Next year, you will have less opportunity for socializing.  You will plan, work and maintain your stability meeting people who labor until a job is completed.  This year,   party, play and do a variety of “fun” things to make yourself more noticeable and popular.  Do not stay at home or worry.  Network and socialize to develop business relationships.  New and old friends will offer pleasant diversions that you will enjoy and, in time, make profitable.


v     This is not the time to take carelessly spoken, light-hearted, words or little slights seriously.  Try to keep the overview of your plans in mind.  People who say the first thing that comes to mind surround you.  Whatever goes through their minds shows on their faces.


v     If you are a very sensitive person try not to allow minor problems to bother you.  Please do not relate everything to your feelings and emotions.  Try to be congenial, unreserved and as happy-go-lucky as possible.


v     You may be tempted to spend money foolishly and scatter priorities.  Maintain your budget.


Last year was alive with details, possible emotionally and physically straining.  Be optimistic, speak-up and expect to have an appreciative audience.  This will be a much better year.


 Today’say’s Lottery Numbers are: 1, 8, 9, 12, 15, 21
Celebrities Born on November 6 are: Catherine Crier (TV Personality), Sally Field (Actor), Glen Frey (Singer/Guitarist/”The Eagles”), Corey Glover (Singer/”Living Colour”), Greg Graffin (Singer/”Bad Religion”), Ethan Hawke (Actor/”Dead Poets Society“), Ana Ivanovic (Tennis Pro), James Jones (Novelist), Taryn Manning (Actor), Zoe McLellan (Actor/”JAG”), James Naismith (Invented the basketball), Thandie Newton (Actor/”Crash”), Mike Nichols (Director/”The Graduate”), Lamar Odom (Basketball), Ricky Romero (Baseball), Rebecca Romijn (Actor/”X-Men”), Kelly Rutherford (Actor), Arturo Sandoval (Jazz Musician), Maris Shriver (TV Journalist), John Philip Sousa (Composer), Emma Stone (Actor/”Superbad”), Ron Underwood (Actor), Wiley Wiggin (Actor). 
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