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Thursday, December 1, Ellin Dodge Blogs 2011 Daily & 2012 Birthday Numerology Forecasts, Famous Birthdays & Lottery Numbers

November 30, 2011


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In Your Life On Thursday, December 1, 2011: The challenge for today is to your ability to decide what you want to accomplish and to self-confidently sweep obstacles out of your path. New projects begin and if you relax disciplines or lose sight of objectives, you won’t enjoy the full power of today’s businesslike aspects.  Disorganization, time wasting or self-doubt creates problems.  Make a plan confidently and if there are delays or you encounter inept associates, stick to your agenda and don’t lose momentum.  Confer with the top decision maker.  Today, expect corporation presidents, sports team managers and heads of households to relate to you as an equal.  Keep a visualization of your goal, have the courage to be forthright, assume appropriate responsibilities and you’ll gain your objectives. 
December 1 Birthday Forecast for 2012: Expect to meet people and experiences that offer you opportunities to complete the plans you began eight years ago.  During the spring and fall expect to fulfill long-term goals and receive recognition from your peers.  You will sense that change is in the air and you make plans to regenerate yourself.  There are many spiritual answers and philosophical revelations as 2012, your #9 Personal Year, progresses.

We live in nine year cycles of experience called “Personal Years.  When one nine year cycle concludes, we begin another.


In a #1 Personal Year we maintain independence and actively begin new objectives.

In a #2 Personal Year we cooperate with others and allow the seeds planted in a #1 Personal Year to gel.

In a #3 Personal Year we socialize to communicate our ideas and build contacts for the incoming seven years.

 In a #4 Personal Year we work to maintain what we have and stabilize the idea we began in a #1.

In a #5 Personal Year we have unplanned experiences that broaden our scope and lead to pivotal changes and expansions.

In a #6 Personal Year focus on home, family and assume responsibility for relationships and ambitions.

In a #7 Personal Year we become introspective, evaluate goals and ambitions, perfect/refine and wait.

In a #8 Personal Year we solve problems: work, plan and build to accumulate money & power.

In 2012 your #9 Personal Year – you observe the world around you = broaden perspective and let-go of outgrown objectives. You receive recognition from peers and self -realization.  Childhood dreams reappear and come to life.  You conclude plans and obligations begun in 2003 your last #1 Personal Year, and in 2012 nothing new begins.  Things and people that are intended to go forward into your new nine year cycle will stay in your life and roll right along with the changes you make. 

Expect to expand projects, reflect, revisit and prepare for opportunities and changes that begin in September. Throughout 2012, allow yourself to travel mentally to the past and reflect upon your growth and your present needs compared to past ambitions and expectations.  Clean out your mental, physical and spiritual closets in 2012.  2013 is a #1 Personal Year when you plant new seeds that grow for the incoming eight years.

Celebrities born on December 1: Woody Allen (Actor/Writer), Carol Alt (Actor), Golden Brooks (Actor/”Girlfriends”), Nestor Carbonell (Actor/’Lost”), Brad Delson (Guitarist/”Linkin Park”), John Densmore (Drummer/”The Doors”), Bob Goen (“Entertainment Tonight”), David Hornsby (Actor), Mary Martin (Actor/Singer), Bette Midler (Actor/Singer), Bart Millard (Singer), Janelle Monae (Singer), Emily Mortimer (Actor), Jeremy Northam (Actor), Richard Pryor (Comedian), Lew Rawls (Singer), Cyril Richard (Actor/”Peter Pan”), Kim Richey (Country Singer), Dick Shawn (Comedian), Sarah Silverman (Comedienne), Charlene Tilton (Actor/”Dallas”), Lee Travino (Pro Golfer), Treat Williams (Actor).

December 1 Lottery Numbers are: 4, 8, 14, 16, 18, 26
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