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June 24, 2009

As the worldwide economy sways, customs should readjust – Ya’ think?   For a while it made sense to think that dollars spent like pennies.   Tipping dollars – rounding off percentage amounts – ignoring the pennies…leaving a bit more than double the tax tip at a cafe or minimum twenty percent tip at a fancy eatery made your presence smell sweet.   That was common practice then. 

Have you readjusted?  Do you do the same thing now?  Will an unpleasant odor linger after you’re gone if you readjust tipping habits?

Servers are memory savants when it comes to putting face and tip together.  Can you halve your tip to fifty cents a round at the neighborhood pub?  Nah, don’t think!   Although it’s senseless to leave a dollar each time the bartender puts a $2.00 beer in front of you, ya’ gotta’ do it.    If you don’t want to be too noticed – verbally embarrassed – or be ignored when you need something, don’t attempt to readjust your tipping habits to the changed worldwide economy with waiters, waitresses, bartenders and taxi drivers:  They’re underpaid intentionally and taxed on minimum wage because tips are considered by employers and the IRS to be salary.  Tips are expected for good reason.  You’re sure to get this information loud and clear if you alter their accustomed tipping practice next taxi ride or visit to a pub or eatery.
However, there’s reason to spend a dollar as if it was one hundred pennies.  Remember that with only 99 cents you cannot get on a bus that costs a dollar. so, it’s not okay to round off a percentage tip to the nearest dollar.  You may need that penny or two the next day for another tip. 

You do leave an unpleasant scent that is long remembered by food and beverage servers, if you do not leave the accustomed – anticipated – expected tip.  However, servers have sensitive sniffers; you leave the same evil odor when you foolishly over-tip.

Can customs readjust because petty-cash is king – cents are no longer the inferior number card…and, in a few situations the expected gratuity ” to insure promptness” is the foolish jester who makes no sense?   Reasons for tipping – like an extra gratuity for services that fulfill the minimum job requirements should be reevaluated.  With the many scale-downs that are in process as we readjust to less income and depleted home security,  let’s be sure we use common sense and watch our pennies. 

Sensible, penny changes when purchasing “extras”,  can bring on the sweet smell of budgeting success.