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If April 15 is Your Birthday Numerology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

April 14, 2011

If April 15 is your birthday, you are sensitive to people and the environment , learn to be an independent, self-starter in youth and mid-life grow to appreciate close ties with your family, community and the roots of home.  You are strong-willed and persevere to work for your possessions and good fortune.  You are a good teacher and student, should enjoy and want music in your life and may take material accomplishments and your personal value judgments too seriously.  Your emotional outlook, observations and assessments of the way other people choose to live often govern your decisions and the choices your make: A little less drama and a little more philosophical humor puts your home-life and lifestyle on a even keel.  Throughout your life time you attract gifts, friends and opportunities and maintain a youthful facade.   

In 2011 expect surprises, plans to change, different types of family and social obligations and less conventional responsibilities and activities.  You progress through meeting unconventional-for-you types of people and having new life experiences.  Travel is rewarding and mental curiosity helps you let-go of outworn concepts and relationships.   Promote your business and ideas and give yourself time and space to explore a variety of things away from  your ordinary routine.  If you’re restless, don’t let outward appearances deceive you…think carefully before you make a gamble or dive into new relationships.  Get out to do something new and sensually satisfying but be discerning in your choices.  2011 is your year to appreciate the humor in the ridiculous…to put new people and ideas into your memory-bank and to take challenges that open the way for expansions in business and your personal life in 2012.

Wear the color turquoise to help you feel adventurous and adaptable in 2011.               
Turquoise is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters E, N and W open doors to freedom in 2011. 

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are: 5, 6, 10, 17,  23, 24.

Celebrities born on April 15 are:  Felix Alexander (Actor/Comedian), Giovanni Amendola (Italian Antifascist/Editor-in-Chief, “Il Mondo”), Michael Ansara (Actor/Cochise-“Broken Arrow”, “Centennial”), Evelyn Ashford (Runner, 100m/Gold & Silver Medalist), Jocelyn Barrow (Deputy Chair-Person, Birtish Broadcast Standards), Florence Bates (Actor/”Kismet”, I Remember Mama”), Peter Billingsley (Actor/”Real People”), Linda Bloodworth-Thomason (TV Producer/”Designing Women”, Murphy Brown”), Ernest Borneman (Sexual Researcher Psychotherapist/Writer/Musicologist), Alice Braga (Actor), Lydie Denier (Actor/”General Hospital”), Alvin Carter (Vocalist/Carter Family Singers), Adrian Cadbury (Candy Manufacturer/Cadbury-Schweppes), Gene Cherico (Musician/Bassist/Accompanied Singer Peggy Lee), Roy Clark (Country Singer/”Hee Haw”), Dave Edmunds (Singer/Guitarist), Claudia Cardinale (Actor/”Blindfold”, Pink Panther”), Hans Conreid (Actor/”Make Room for Daddy”), Dodi Fayed (Egyptian Multi-Millionaire Film Producer/ Boyfriend of Princess Diana), Lou Fonci (Singer), Wayne Gilchrest (Politician/Representative-R-Maryland 1991-2009), Anthony Green (Singer), Heloise (Writer/Author/Columnist), Marsha Hunt (Actor), Henry James (Author/Critic/”Turn of the Screw”, Bostonians”), Marian Jordan (Actor/Molly-“Fibber McGee and Molly“), Sam McMurray (Actor/TV/Film/Voice/”Tracey Ullman Show”,”Raising Arizona”,”LA Story”), Elizabeth Montgomery (Actor/”Bewitched”), Soichi Noguchi (Japan/Astronaut), Linda Perry (Singer/Songwriter), John L. Phillips (Astronaut), Danny Pino (Actor/”Cold Case”), A. Philip Randolph (Civil Rights Leader/Labor Leader, Railroad Porter’s Union), ), Wallace Reid (Actor/Director/Screenwriter/”Every Inch A Man”:), Seth Rogen (Actor), Pierre-Etienne-Theodore Rousseau (Painter), Jason Sehorn (Football/NFL Defensive Back/Married to Actor, Angie Harmon) ,Bessie Smith (Singer/Empress of Blues”), Boris Strugalski (USSR Sci-Fi Author/”Tale of Troika”), Emma Thompson (Actor/”Henry V”, Howard’s End”/Oscar 1992), Mary Harris Thompson (First American Woman Surgeon), Leonardo de Vinci, 1452-1519 (Italian/Artist/Sculptor/Scientist/Mathematician/Visionary), Robert Walker Jr (Actor/”Ceremony”,Ms Don Juan”,”Ensign Pulver”), Emma Watson (Actor/Model/”Harry Potter”), John Williams (Actor/”Family Affair”,”Dial M For Murder”), Florian Zabach (Violinist/”Hot Canary”).  

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