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Sunday, November 27 Ellin Dodge Blogs 2011 Daily & 2012 Birthday Numerology Forecasts, Celebrities Birthdays & Lottery Numbers

November 26, 2011
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In Your Life On Sunday, November 27, 2011: The challenge for today is to your ability to “live and let live and accept people for what they are = not what you think they should be.   Be prepared to adjust your personal plans.  You’re not going to get away from family issues, social causes or community projects.  Read the home improvement and decorating pages in the newspaper, focus on researching recipes, telephone a relative and you’ll end the day with a feeling of “belonging.”    Visit a neighbor; plan to spend time chatting and cement relationships.  Stay on friendly terms with all generations, live up to your commitments and spend quality time close to home.

November 27 Birthday Forecast for 2012: You are less active…spiritual and intellectual energy are high…physical energy is lower.  And so, you wait and receive callers.  You do not make social calls or promote business.  You begin to realize you are more introspective, analytic and uncomfortable with mundane labor and superficial dalliances.  You enjoy being the experienced perfectionist that does not deal with commercialism and avarice, greed or money-making.  You take different types of challenges.

“The oldest, shortest words – “yes” and “no” – are those which require the most thought.”             Pythagoras, Philosopher/Mathematician, Greek ‘Father of Numbers”

You may be comfortable when enriching the soil or hands-on managing a business – however, in the future you will become less and less likely to labor for the things you need.  Expect to meet people and experiences that offer you opportunities to meditate, rest, study and analyze your past experiences and your future goals.

“Govern your tongue before all other things.”

Pythagoras, Philosopher/Mathematician, Greek ‘Father of Numbers”

This non-commercial year opens doors to spiritual growth. You may feel alone and emotionally tender. It’s best to keep your ongoing thoughts to yourself.  Reading, taking a workshop or class, a quiet visit to the seashore = A focus on inner growth and putting information inside yourself will bring comfort now and profits later. If you are discontent at work, in your marriage or in any personal relationship with anyone or anything, this is not the time to share your thoughts, to go to a lawyer or to disengage.  This is the time to seek peace and quiet and ask yourself what you really want out of life and to contemplate how you are going to get it.

  • Money and beautiful treasures will come in if you do not pursue them.
  • Personal relationships will benefit from inner work: Take up Yoga, try counseling or plan to take workshops or classes that perfect skills – work on your inner growth any way you can.
  • You may not get all that you want.  You will receive the things you need.

You build an inner storehouse of faith and knowledge that no one and nothing that happens to you in life will take away!

  • You will have work to do and you will build your professionalism if you focus on your accomplishments and perfect your skillfulness.

The message for this year is to have faith in yourself and expect the best – just “know” that you will receive all that you need.  All forms of spiritual work will bring peace and contentment now and financial-material rewards in the future.

Celebrities born on November 27: Kirk Acevedo (Actor/”OZ”), James Agee (Author), Curtis Armstrong (Actor), James Avery (Actor), Samantha Bond (Actor/”Die Another Day”), Charlie Burchill (Guitarist/”Simple Minds’), William Fichtner (Actor/”Perfect Storm”), Robin Givens (Actor), Samantha Harris (Actor), Jimi Hendrix (Rock Singer/Guitarist), Caroline Kennedy (Author/Attorney), Brooke Langton (Actor/”Life”), Bruce Lee (Actor), Lauren C Mayhew (Actor), Bill Nye (TV, “The Science Guy”), Alison Pill (Actor), Jennifer O’Dell (Actor), Eddie Rabbit (Singer), James Rollins (Baseball), Gail Sheehy (Author), “Buffalo Bob” Smith (TV Host), Fisher Stevens(Actor), Twista (Rapper), Michael Vartan (Actor).

November 27 Lottery Numbers are: 6, 11, 13, 15, 24, 27

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