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May 3, 2009

Yesterday’s mental trip to the Kentucky Derby reinforced my  hunch-factor.  Logic told me that my #8 – power number – pick for Derby winner was a wild fantasy.  So, since yesterday was a #9 Universal Day, and #9 was the favorite…I coupled the fantasy #8 with the favorite to win, #9.  Add the numbers together and = 8 + 9 = 17 – and  #17 (1 + 7) is still a “winner” #8.  I decided to make a mental bet of $2.00 on both horses.

When I looked at the #8 horse odds…39-1- I knew I was on a different plane of existence – the plane of dreams come true so, I began to use intellect and logic…and, hedged my risk with the favorites break-even odds bet.  #8 power number went out of the gate at 50 to 1.  #9 logic favorite had even odds.  I felt very sane.

…big blunder.  Reality and logic don’t work as well as hunch and first thought when it come to gambles like horse racing and lottery.  So many factors to consider and too many are unknowns.

Lesson learned again…bet the first number that comes to mind.  Don’t hedge off – if you’re re gonna’ gamble = GAMBLE!  There’s no logic to risk-taking…it’s an adventure.