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Saturday, 10/1 Ellin Dodge Blogs Your Daily & Birthday Numerology Forecasts, Famous Birthdays & Lottery Numbers

September 30, 2011
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In Your Life On Saturday, October 1, 2011:  Personal priorities are shelved when reason to focus on home, family and community arrangements become clear.  Today’s challenge is to your ability to put personal judgments aside, accept people for what they are and do what your are asked to do = not what you think you should do.  New commitments involving some combination of obligations and finances are unsettling, but the rewards more than compensate for the disruption.  Assume an unselfish, truthful and helpful approach.  Practical judgment blended with a caring attitude attracts firm, future commitments from friends and loved ones.  Be fair and loyal and dedicate today to home and relationship maintenance and focus on your immediate responsibilities.

 If Today is Your Birthday: In 2011, don’t stray too far from loved ones.  All things that are important this year stem from your home, family, workplace, neighborhood and community.  Home decorating and remodeling will bring out latent artistic talents.  Music becomes more meaningful.  Entertaining at home will inspire or rekindle an interest in all types of cooking.  You may face problems of domesticity and need to adjust to the preferences of others: Make your home a haven for yourself and anyone who enters. In this highly emotional year all promises must be kept.  All jobs must be completed.  This year, you must be conscientious in order to finish the jobs you start.   Expect to meet people and experiences that require personal adjustments.  Fulfill the promises you make with good grace. When you volunteer to be helpful and are responsive to the needs of others, you restore balance and create harmony in your surroundings.

 Your October 1, 2011 lottery numbers are: 7, 10, 13, 21, 25, 27 

Celebrities Born on October 1 are:
 Julie Andrews (Actor/Singer), Faith Baldwin (Niovelist), Tom Bosley (Actor), Rod Carew (Baseball), Jimmy Carter (39th US President), Richard Harris (Actor), Laurence Harvey (Actor), Stanley Holloway (Actor), Vladimir Horowitz (Pianist), Annie Leibovitz (Photographer), Jerry & Jim Maitini (Rockers/”Sly & the Family Stone”), Walter Matthau (Actor), Bonnie Parker (Outlaw/”Bonnie & Clyde”), George Peppard (Actor), Randy Quaid (Actor), “Slapsie Maxie” Rosenbloom (Heavyweight Boxing Champion), Everett Sloane (Actor), Louis Untermeyer (Poet/Critic), James Whitmore (Actor), Roger Williams (Pianist).
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