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July 16 Ellin Dodge Blogs Unreal Money Numbers, Numerology Forecasts & Celebrities Birthdays

July 15, 2011

July 15 musing unreal money numbers…having just cut costly steak and Sunday-treat-luxury-croissants out of my weekend shopping list = minuscule money to candidates declared to run in the 2012 presidential election.  Candidates campaign funds, raised so far, are mind-boggling, indigestion-forming budget numbers.  The Republicans = Romney pushing Utah to spend more on his primary has 18.25 million now…Ron Paul has 4 million…Pawlenty has 4.5 million…Newt Gingrich has 2 million…Bachmann raised 2 million in the last three weeks of June alone and will reveal her coffers later today (she raised 13.5 millions for her 2010 not-presidential campaign)…Sarah Palin – not running for anything yet and doing her One Nation Bus Tour for what?  Palin’s Political Action Committee has 1.7 million….Long-shot, Rick Santorum has a meager 582+ thousands…and the opposition Democrat, Barack Obama has 86 million and is hustling tried and true CA money moguls for much more.  Will Obama hit one Billion for this 2012 run?  The last election Republican, John McCain spent 333 million and Democrat, Barack Obama spent 745 million. These huge dollar amounts are just the beginning and don’t compute with my budget or the present economy.  How unreal is this?  That’s the Blog and here come the forecasts…      

…July 16, 2011…a #9 Take-the-Inventory = It’s a Housecleaning World-Wide Day when selfishness and greed show themselves and boomerang and tolerance saves the day.  More friendly relations formed as public affairs are considered.  Inroads made – roadblocks lifted –  ooutworn ideas trashed in stalled negotiations.   In your lifestyle:  A surprise or disappointment early in the day gets you out of the kitchen mentality and into a broader scope of interests.  Lingering projects are completed and loose ends are tied up.  Public performances are well received: You are appreciated and appreciate others.  You forget your personal desires – possibly sacrifice – to do something good for someone else.  A day to be generous, compassionate, empathetic, charitable and do the “big’ thing.     

Generally compatible Birthday numbers for #16 are: #2, #3 (opposites attract), #7 (kindred spirits, not practical), #9, #11, #12 (opposites attract), #16 (not practical), #18, #20, #21 (opposites attract), #25, #27, #29, #30 (opposites attract).  Incompatible numbers are not comfortable and cannot adjust to the #16 need for privacy, quiet and solitude. 

If July 16 is your
birthday, In youth, life is unconventional, you have reason to be self-sacrificing and you are older than your years.  You do not focus on personal objectives until mid-life.  You are intelligent, intuitive, have a talent for writing and speaking and may be too concerned about seeing material results = money and power… to avoid speculating, which leads to disappointment.  You want the freedom that money can buy and may be emotionally discontent until you get it.   Power and money will come to you:  You are slated for success and happiness when you forego status symbols, the illusions of power, and enjoy the quality and perfection of your work and goals.  Develop your inner resources and you grow to understand that others seek you out = give you whatever you need and want = when you do not focus on the materialistic side of life – trust your talents – and build a reputation for unique professionalism.              

In 2011, when you maintain a positive attitude = expect the best = your efforts bear fruit, relationships blossom and deepen and business promotions are successful.  You receive help when you need it.  August focus is on debts being paid. money and power.  Conclusions are drawn, outworn projects end and nothing new begins in September.  You have a burst of creative energy in October and take action to instigate new ideas and ambitions.  As the year closes, you set the stage for 2012 changes and reasons to make independent decisions and work alone.    

In 2011 wear the color saffron to attract spiritually strong, fair-minded associates.
Opal is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters I and R broaden your philosophy in 2011
Friday is your lucky day of the week in 2011

Your 2011 lottery numbers are
: 2, 7, 11, 18, 20, 29.

Celebrities born on July 16 are: Ruben Blades (Actor/Singer), Phoebe Cates (Actor), Margaret Smith Court (Tennis Grand Slam Pro), Mary Baker Eddy (Founder Christian Science), Corey Feldman( Actor), Will Ferrell (Comedian), Michael Flatley (Irish Dancer), Anne Francis (Actor), Phil Hellmuth (Poker Champion), Mark Indelicato (Actor), Jesse Jane (American Porn Star), Katy Jurado (Actor), Ed Kowalczyk (Singer/Guitarist), Tony Kushner (Playwright), Jayma Mays (“Glee”), AnnaLynne McCord (Actor), Bess Meyerson (Miss America/Actor), Orville Redenbacher (Popcorn King), Joshua Reynolds (Portrait Painter), Ginger Rogers (Actor), Mickey Rourke (Boxer/Actor),  Larry Sanger (Co-Founder Wikipedia), Barbara Stanwyck (Actor), Sonny Tufts (Actor), Tina Tyler (Canadian Porn Star), Milly Vitale (Actor).

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