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Tuesday, November 22 Ellin Dodge Blogs Your Daily & Birthday Numerology Forecasts, Famous Birthdays & Lottery Numbers

November 21, 2011
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In Your Life On Tuesday, November 22, 2011: The challenge for today is to your ability to sidestep distractions and get down to basics, plan to go-it-alone and work. You may be perceived as an uncooperative dissenter while you just feel more independent than you felt yesterday.  Stick to your hunch and don’t back off if you must make a few unpopular decisions.  After reorganizing priorities, refuse to make comparisons or compromises and you won’t delay future successes. You’re on your own while uncovering solutions to personal problems.  Be creative, active and start something new.  Details and questions that relate to partnerships will come up tomorrow.

 If November 22 is Your birthday in 2011: Expect to meet people and experiences that offer you the opportunity to begin a new direction.  We live in nine-year cycles of experiences that produce growth. This year you will plant the seed that will take root, nurture and mature for the incoming eight years.  During the first nine months of the year, you change goals frequently until in the last three months, you settle on a long-term ambition that sets your mind on your new path for the incoming eight years.
“No man is free who cannot command himself.”                   Pythagoras
It is important to be an independent thinker and to take actions based upon your own inner voice.  You may not expect to receive help from anyone.  The objective this year is to believe in your own ideas, ideals and purposes.  It is not selfish to have ambition or to feel a need for change.

You may listen to others to gain information and gain insights.  However, it is important that you do not vacillate in your own decisions to please another.  You may meet with opposition.  You may imagine that you will lose family, friends or lovers cooperation.  That is possible.  This is not the time for equal partnerships.  Although some may not agree with your decisions, the people who are destined to stay on your life, love and respect you will go along with the changes you make and your new visualizations for the future.

 You may be required to stand-alone…there may be opposition.

 “In anger we should refrain both from speech and action.”               Pythagoras

You have mental energy now.  Use your resources to take the initiative, develop and promote your beliefs even under duress.

  • If you do not make an extreme change, promote your ideas or add to your commitments.
  • Stay busy, active and open your mind to new ideas.
  • By being self-reliant and demonstrating your personal ambitions you will make a new start.
  • Make every effort to meet new people.  You will meet one new person – probably a man – who will be very important in your future.
  • Avoid impulsiveness and impatience.  Sleep-on important decisions that effect changes.

There will be many stops and starts until September.  Mid-November through   December, you should be working.  Concentrate on your real desires.  Be decisive, courageous and believe in yourself.  Above all, have the courage to act upon your dreams and in three years, when the time is right, your visualizations will become a practical reality.

 Celebrities born on November 22: Boris Becker (Tennis Hall of Fame), Jamie Campbell Bower (Actor/”Twilight” Movies), Hoagy Carmichael (Singer/Pianist/Composer), Jamie Lee Curtis (Actor), Rodney Dangerfield (Comedian/Actor), Chris Fryar (Drummer/”Zac Brown Band”), Terry Gilliam (Director, “Monkeys”/Member, “Monty Pythons Flying Circus“), Winsor Harmon (Actor/”All My Children’), Mariel Hemmingway (Actor), Tyler Hilton (Singer/Songwriter/Actor), Scarlett Johansson (Actor), Karen O (Singer/”Yeah Yeah Yeahs“), Richard Kind (Actor/”Mad About You”), Bille Jean King (Tennis Hall of Fame), Mads Mikkelsen (Actor/”Clash of the Titans”), Geraldine Page (Actor), Jason Ringenberg (Singer/Guitarist), Scott Robinson (Singer”5ive”),  Mark Raffalo (Actor), Reece Thompson (Actor/”Bloodworth”), Gary Valentine (Actor/Comedian), Ville Valo (Singer/”HIM”), Steven Van Zandt (Actor, “The Sopranos/Guitarist, “EStreet band”), Robert Vaughn (Actor), Tina Weymouth (Bassist/”Talking Heads”).

Today’s Lottery Numbers are: 1, 14, 17, 19, 23, 28

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