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#8 Compatibility Numbers & June 8 Birthday Numerology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

June 7, 2011

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Generally compatible Birthday numbers for #8 are: 2 (intimate friendship and business partnership), 3 (great lifestyle but must have compatible business goals), 4 (ideal all around partnership), 5 (dynamic duo), 6 (domestic support), 7 (vision and intellect add to #8 material ambitions), 8 (Power + power = handled carefully, unbeatable partnership), 9 (expands #8 materialism to a broader, cultural lifestyle and humanitarian philosophy), 11 (adds futuristic vision to business partnership), 13 (ideal all around partnership), 14 ( with caution, dynamic duo), 15 (domestic & business), 17, (Unbeatable business focus), 18 (lends #8 power to helping others), 20 (intimate friendship and business partnership), 21 (lucky combination), 22 (ideal partnership whose efforts leave a lasting mark), 23 (high activity in all areas), 24 (provides domestic support and sound judgment), 25 (helps overcome obstacles in home and business), 26 (love relationship demands attention = business may suffer), 27 (adds spiritual strength and intimate support), 29 (adds futuristic vision and spiritual and cultural growth), 30 (dynamic duo), 31 (adds determination, energy and patience to material ambitions).

If #8 is your birthday,you should choose a business career that utilizes your creative, productive talents where you are the boss or have complete autonomy in your area.  You are a problem-solver who organizes efficiently, assumes responsibility and you want the freedom that money can buy. Your strive to have your family and lifestyle be a credit to you.  Whether you direct your stamina, strength, effort and will to commerce or sports, you will ultimately be a leader.       

In 2011 slow down and scale down: Clean out your mental, physical and spiritual closets and organize for the changes you’ve been contemplating.  Emotions are high and sleeplessness may plague you.  Reflections of past goodies and badies crop up for reconsideration.  What do you want to keep in your life and what have you outgrown?  Tie up loose ends and your dreams and inspirations will show you which road to take.  August focus is on money and material objectives…pay all debts in full and expect rewards for past deeds.  October gives you a spurt of creative energy…your tempo is faster and your mood is progressive as the new 2012 vibrations start seeping in. 

In 2011 wear the color saffron to attract  tolerant, loyal, wise counselors and advisors 
Opal is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters I and R expand your options in 2011.
Monday (alone and Friday (with companions) are your lucky days of the week in 2011.

Your 2011 lottery numbers are:  3, 5, 9, 19, 23, 27. 

Celebrities born on June 8 are: Scott Adams (Cartoonist/”Dilbert”), Robert Anthony (Professional Wrestler/”Egotistico Fantastico“), Alex Band (Singer), Tim Berners-Lee (Computer Scientist/Credited with inventing the world wide web), Sonya Braga (Actor), Barbara Bush (US 1st Lady),Giovanni Cassini (Astronomer/Engineer/Astrologer), Kim Clijsters (Tennis Pro), James Darren (Actor/”T J Hooker“), Lindsay Davenport (Tennis Pro), Dan Futterman (Actor/Screenwriter), Linda Hanley (Beach Vollyball), George Kirby (Comedian), Julianna Margulies (Actor), Nadia Petrova (Tennis Pro), Robert Preston (Actor), Nick Rhodes (Keyboardist/”Duran Duran”), Joan Rivers (Comedianne), Shelia Ryan (Actor), Boz Scaggs (Singer/Guitarist), Nancy Sinatra (Singer/Daughter of Frank Sinatra), Alexis Smith (Actor), Troy Vincent (NFL), Jerry Stiller (Actor/Comedian), Subarto (General/President of Indonesia), David Sutcliffe (Actor/”Gilmore Girls”), Bonnie Tyler (Singer), Keenan Ivory Wayans (Actor), Kanye West (Rapper), Kelli Williams (Actor/”The Practice”), Frank Lloyd Wright (Architect/Master Builder), Dana Wynter (Actor).

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If May 8 is Your Birthday Numerology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

May 7, 2011

If May 8 is your birthday, you’re a creative, productive, shrewd, problem-solver and do well as your own boss in a progressive, expansive business that benefits the public.  Banking, public transportation, the Stock Market and Insurance are a few areas that use your talents.  Many professional athletes have your ambition, stamina and drive for success and do very well financially.  You have multi-communications talents too, and may be fickle in your choices of careers.  Use discipline, dress to impress and be confident in your social self.  Focus on one business or career choice to achieve your highest potential  Accept responsibility, handle it as well as you can and expect success.
2011 gives you opportunities to do what comes naturally and to travel with the ‘movers and shakers’ to ‘reap what you sow.’   Business ventures and money interests are the focus and this is the time to face reality and put your finances in the black.   Aim high and use determination and discipline to rise to the top.  September brings rewards, October expands ideas and adds more rewards and you begin a new facet of your ambitions in November.  Use your managerial capabilities, personal strength and ambitious ideas to see your visualizations become reality.   

2011 wear the color mauve to attract mentally and physically strong allies.               
Diamond is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters H, Q, Z ally with your ambitions in 2011.
Thursday is your lucky day of the week in 2011.

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are: 1, 4, 5, 17, 26, 28.         

Celebrities born on May 8 are: Lex Barker (Actor/”Tarzan”), Peter Benchley (Novelist/”Jaws”, “The Deep”), James Blyth (British Businessman/Head of Defense Sales for Ministry of Defense/Chairman London Business School/CEO, The Boots Company), James Darren Actor), Melissa Gilbert (Actor/’Little House on the Prairie”), Adrian Gonzalez (Baseball/First Base San Diego Padres), Enrique Iglesias (Singer), Salome Jens (Actor/”From Here to Eternity”), Guy Kawasaki (American Businessman), Sonny Liston (Heavyweight Boxing Champion), Ronnie Lott (Football Hall of Fame), Ricky Nelson (Rock Star), John Reid (British Member of Parliament/Public Service Includes, Secretary of State Scotland and Northern Ireland), Don Rickles (Comedian), Roberto Rossellini (Film Director/’Open City”), Theodore Sorensen (Lawyer/Advisor to US President J F Kennedy, Author, “1000 Days”), Toni Tennille (Singer”/The Captain and Tennille”), Harry S Truman 33rd US President),  Alex Van Halen (Rock Drummer/”Van Halen”),

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