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What #s Are Compatible With #24? & May 24 Birthday Numerology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

May 23, 2011

Generally compatible Birthday numbers for #24 are: 2, 3, 4, 8 (in Love), 9, 11, 12, 13, 17 (in Love), 18, 20, 21, 22, 26 (in Love), 27, 29, 30, 31.  #24 is a home, family, community service provider and a good companion who attracts material comforts, social and financial success.    

If May 24 is your birthday, you are an active builder, enlarger, expander, and should work till the end of your days.  Dramatic in nature  you often make “much ado about nothing” and would do well putting this talent to use on the stage.  You’re drawn to the arts and aim to create a beautiful, inviting, comfortable home.  Friends and associates promote you and your ambitions: You have strong ESP, listen to your first thought.  Use your insight to maintain balanced relationships and know when to be obviously independent and when to submit to another’s leadership.  You may attract supporters then alienate them with stubbornness or petty jealousies.  Aim to be adaptable and accept people for what they are…not for what you think they should be.   

Do what comes naturally in 2011: Assume responsibilities, make a few sacrifices when necessary and use your energy, strength and courage – adhere to your principles – and be of service to your family and community.    February and November have a money, business, finance focus.  April began new projects and obligations…they continue through September.  October alters your mood and tempo.  You become more introspective and you have private time to examine your personal preferences and your future all through 2012. 

In 2011 wear the color blue to attract socially responsible, loving, loyal companions.
Sapphire is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters F, O and X may interfere with your desires in 2011.
Sunday and Friday are your lucky days of the week in 2011.

Your lottery numbers are: 2, 6, 8, 21, 22, 31. 

Celebrities born on May 24 are: Gary Burghoff (Actor/”Mash”), Nell Campbell (Actor/”Rocky Horror Show”), Roseanne Cash (Country Singer), Tommy Chong (Comedian/”Cheech and Chong’), Eric Close (Actor/”Without A Trace”), Jimmy Demaret (Golfer/Actor), Bob Dylan (Singer/Songwriter/”Blowin’In the Wind”), King George of Great Britain 1760-1820, Heavy D (Rapper), Patti LaBelle (Singer), Siobhan McKenna (Actor), Alfred Molina (Actor), Samuel J Newhouse (Millionaire-Publisher/Magazines,”Vogue”,Glamour”), Lilli Palmer (Actor), Priscilla Presley (Actor/”Naked Gun”), John C Reilly (Actor), Kristen Scott Thomas (Actor), Queen Victoria of Great Britain 1837-1901,  Mai Zetterling (Actor). 

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Compatibility of 1 & 9? and If May 10 is Your Birthday Numerology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

May 9, 2011

Are 1 and 9 compatible?  A good Question!  #1 and #9 are compatible if they understand that #1 is the creator-instigator-pusher and begins projects and the wise, seasoned, cultured  #9 expands, polishes and concludes them.  They can do great things!  Often…#9 cannot understand why #1 is extremely self-centered and #1 cannot understand why #9 puts everyone and the world before their personals desires and needs.  If material success is the objective of the pairing,  #9’s empathy and tolerance and #1’s willingness to sacrifice for personal ambition plus good communication solves their differences.

If May 10 is your birthday, creativity, leadership, high mental energy and independence are your strong traits:  You do well in the worlds of business.  Working many projects simultaneously, and being an assertive, stubborn influence, you are a successful leader taking one step at a time.  You may be a late-bloomer,  realize your potential mid-life, however, once you get started there’s no stopping you.

2011 gives you opportunities to overcome obstacles, to see progress, improvements and advancement as you begin anew.  You’ve been ready for a few years and now you begin a new nine year cycle of growth. Your innovative ideas and self-starter motivation keep you busy.   Good luck opens doors and personal happiness and material rewards flow in if you are independent, avoid getting stuck in old routines and time-consuming details… and take a chance on yourself.  July is your power-month and money should come in.  You conclude unnecessary projects in August.  September begins new visualizations, concepts and ambitions that grow for the incoming nine years.

In 2011 wear the color red to attract progressive, positive, clear-thinking associates..               
Ruby is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters A, J and S may challenge your leadership in 2011.
Sunday is your lucky day of the week in 2011.

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are: 1, 5, 6, 19, 23, 28.         

Celebrities born on May 10 are:  Fred Astaire (Tap Dancer/’Easter Parade”), John Wilkes Booth (assassinated Abraham Lincoln), Bono (Musician/Activist/Lead Vocalist, “U2”), Amanda Borden (Olympic Gymnast), Mark David Chapman (assassinated John Lennon), Helio Castroneves (Race Car Driver/”Dancing With the Stars”), Jimmy Demaret (Winner of 44 Golf Tournaments….but not the “Open”), Fats Domino (Rocker/”Blueberry Hill”), Donovan (Singer/Songwriter), Linda Evangelista (Model), Ella Grasso (Politician/First Woman Governor of Connecticut),  Andrei Kravtsov (Olympic Gymnast), Todd Lowe (Actor/True Blood”, “The Gilmore Girls”), Gary Owens (Announcer/”Laugh-In”), Dallas Roberts (Actor/”3:10 to Yuma”), David O Selznick (Film Producer/”Gone With the Wind”), Dimitri Tiomkin (Composer/Academy Award, “The HIgh and the Mighty”), Sid Vicious (Bassist (“Sex Pistols”), Nancy Walker (Actor/”Rhoda”, “McMillan and Wife“),  

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