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Friday, November 18 Ellin Dodge Blogs Your Daily & Birthday Numerology Forecasts, Celebrities Birthdays & Lottery Numbers

November 17, 2011


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In Your Life On Friday, November 18, 2011: The challenge for today is to your ability to curb personal objectives in order to fulfill obligations As your relationships expand and grow deeper your opportunities to be impulsive or unrestrained diminish.  Loving responsibilities and associates that depend upon your stability require a conscious, dedicated effort.  Duties and commitments are obvious and nothing should feel like an imposition.  Do what must be done: Intimates are depending on you and need reassurance.  Concentrate your efforts on home, neighbors and your office family. 

If November 18 is Your birthday in 2011: Expect to meet people and experiences that offer you the opportunity to deepen and expand intimate, business and community relationships.  In this highly emotional year it’s all about discernment and maintaining harmony in relationships and still doing things you want and need to do for yourself. 

“Rest satisfied with doing well and leave others to talk of you as they will.”   Pythagoras, Philosopher/Mathematician, Greek ‘Father of Numbers”

 Demanding situations will arise to give you the opportunity to be supportive or deny emotional, financial and mundane needs of dependents or less fortunate people.  

  • All jobs must be completed.
  • You must be conscientious in order to finish the jobs you start.
  • Expect to meet people and experiences that require personal adjustments.  Fulfill the promises you make with good grace. When you volunteer to be helpful and are responsive to the needs of others, you restore balance and create harmony in your surroundings.
  • Home decorating and remodeling will bring out latent artistic talents.
  • Music becomes more meaningful.

2011 focus is on maintaining harmony in your surroundings.  When there is imbalance in your life, if you are unwilling to take on the burdens, duties and responsibilities associated with your home, family and community, you will create disharmony.

  • Be discerning when making commitments.  Although you may be needed in many directions, be realistic.  As a result you will have a peaceful year. 

Kitchen table conversation and family outings and community politics come into play during this friendly time.  People are needy and dramatic in their conversation, actions and reactions.  It is important to be calm, cool and collected in order to sort out the ways that you can be helpful.

 It is also important to narrow down your personal interests.  You may face problems of domesticity and need to adjust to the preferences of others.  Don’t stray too far from loved ones.  Be sure that you are able to fulfill and complete promises without making extreme sacrifices that will tax your personal time, finances and relationships.  Too much self-sacrifice eventually will lead to personal frustration and inappropriate anger.  You’ll be busy with involvements.  Try to maintain balance in all things.

 Celebrities born on November 18: Jocelyn Brando (Actor), Phil Buckman (Actor), Jenny Burton (Rocker), Don E Cherry (Jazz Trumpeter), Imogene Coca (Comedienne), Dorothy Collins (Singer/”Your Hit Parade”), Dorothy Dix (Columnist/”Advice to the Lovelorn’), Mike Epps (Comedian), Linda Evans (Actor/”Dynasty”), William Gilbert (Composer/Gilbert & Sullivan/”The Mikado”), Kirk Lee Hammett (Guitarist/”Metallica”), David Hemmings (Actor), Delroy Lindo (Actor/”Get Shorty”), John McFee (Rock Guitarist/”Doobie Brothers”), Johnny Mercer (Lyricist/”Moon River”, Old Black Magic”), Mickey Mouse (Cartoon Strip), Jameson Parker (Actor/”Simon & Simon”), Elizabeth Perkins (Actor), Steve Christopher Petree (Rocker), Katey Sagal (Singer/Actor/”Married With Children”), Chloe Sevigny (Actor/”Big Love”), Alan Shepard Jr (Test Pilot/1st US Astronaut in space), Sinbad (Actor), Brenda Vaccaro (Actor), Kim Wilde (Rock Vocalist), Owen Wilson (Actor/Writer/Comedian), Peta Wilson (Model/Actor).  

 Today’s Lottery Numbers are: 6, 11, 13, 15, 24, 27

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