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If April 12 is Your Birthday Numerology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

April 11, 2011

If April 12 is your birthday, you may have financial, cultural or creative limitations or restrictions in youth – however, you develop your inner resources and your artistic and social talents blossom mid-life.  Words are your best tools whether you write, sing, speak, act or use words to promote yourself or a product.  You may be very convincing in an argument and become a trial lawyer or build interesting stories around a product to become the world’s best salesperson.  Whatever you choose, you are multi-talented and you have many self-expressive choices…when you scale down, focus on a single objective and finish the projects you start, with your brilliant, magnetic, imaginative personality you should enjoy life to the fullest and help other to do the same. 

2011 is a receptive vibration that collects what you need and asks that you do not capture the limelight or take center stage to accomplish your goals.  Take a back seat.  Aim to be adaptable, cooperative, attentive to details and willing to allow others to help you.  You must be keenly aware of the feelings of others, avoid personal sensitivity and be patient, tactful and diplomatic when you speak – or keep silent.  The projects you conceived as goals last year need time to gel and your emotions need time to catch up with the changes you are making.  The details of your plans, your allies, your intimate relationships and the friends and associates you need for the future are slowly coming together and will gel and blossom in 2012.  Study all you can, maintain peaceful relationships and plan to work with others – not alone.  Last year was high-energy – in 2011 all your energy is going to your emotions so, lay-low, stay calm, cool and pleasant and expect to feel very optimistic in October. 

Wear the color orange to attract  gentle, friendly, considerate alliances in 2011.               
Moonstone is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters B, K and T are helpful, supportive and responsive in 2011. 

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are: 2, 3, 7, 20, 21, 31. 

Celebrities born on April 12 are: Frank Bank (Actor/”Leave it to Beaver”), Josh Billings (Comedian), David Cassidy (Singer/Actor/”Partridge Family”), Tom Clancy (Novelist), Henry Clay (US Politician/”The Great Compromiser”), Betty Clooney (Singer/Jack Paar Show), Claire Danes (Actor/”Romeo and Juliet”), Deryl Dodd (Country Singer), Shanen Doherty (Actor/”Beverly Hills 90210″), Robert Delaunay (French Painter), Andy Garcia (Actor/”Stand and Deliver”), Vince Gill (Country Singer), Herbie Hancock (Pianist), Claudia Jordan (Miss USA 1997), Hardy Kruger (Actor), David Letterman (Comedian), Charles Ludlam (Playwright/Actor/”Big Easy”), Bryan Magee (English Broadcaster/Author/Politician), Ann Miller (Dancer/”On the Town”), Herbert Mills (Singer/The Mills Brothers), Charles Napier (Actor/”Rambo”), Ed O’Neill (Actor/”Married With Children”), Pamela Polk (Miss America 1996), Lily Pons (Coloratura Soprano), Sophie Rahman (Miss Universe 1996), Tiny Tim (Singer/”Tiptoe Through the Tulips”), Scott Turow (Novelist), Jane Withers (Actor/”All Together Now”/”Josephine the PLumber”).

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June 18, 2009

Palin gambled…she threw a “”hate Letterman” party and nobody came.  Bad choice Sarah.  However, there’s hope for you.

Its takes a rat to to prove that there’s hope for overly-ambitious-salivating-for-power politicos and compulsive gamblers.  The University of British Columbia has a study in motion that tests rats ability to use winning strategy and play the odds.  There’s hope for obsessive Wall Street high rollers, political strategists and me.

Therapies to treat pathological risk takers depend upon adjusting dopamine and serotonin in the brain.  It’s working on four legged rats and altering their ability to make good decisions.  The rats make choices…when tempted with instant gratification of large amounts of treats that end in a “time-out” punishment, after a few blunders, the rats decide to choose less treats at one time and get to go after treats again.  Rats can learn that long term satisfaction wins over immediate gratification.

If two-legged habitual gamblers could learn to choose the long term pleasure and fore-go the immediate thrill of a ‘big kill”, with therapy, Wall Street wheeler dealers would be less likely to tempt customers with risky buys, Obama’s far-seeing health care and banking reforms would attract more supporters and I would not be tempted to hit the casinos.

So as Smuckers Jams and Jellies report unexpected higher earnings (probably because we’re substituting sweets for the sour situation we’re in) – the Stock Market slithers up today and jobless claims drop a smidgen, the un-therapied gambler in me is making even odds that the “rat test” results will not have doctors treating obsessives tomorrow.  A fast application of this test is a “long-shot.”  The non-gambler wheels of the AMA turn slowly.

However, if you identify with the rats, there’s hope.  If rats can benefit from dopamine and serotonin brain therapy and learn to make profitable choices based upon negative and positive experiences, so can the compulsive money moguls, pathologically slow moving Senate bill-passers, you and me.


June 16, 2009

Letterman lives up to his name.  He has met a specific level of participation in his performance and is elite in his craft….he earned his jacket.  In the other corner, Palin took her jackets without paying her dues or apologizing for her inappropriate behavior.

David Letterman’s public apology to Sarah Palin and her daughters is an explanation – a defense of his inappropriate words and is an act of remorse for something judged by others to be wrong.   Honest realists judge taking expensive clothes paid for with public donations without paying for them or returning them as “wrong.”   Representing yourself as a foreign affairs expert because you can see Russia from your front yard is an insult to the intelligence of the public.   You’ve made more public blunders in occasional public appearances and a short [period of time than Letterman has night after night for many years.  You’ve embarrassed yourself more times than space allows.  So, Sarah shouldn’t you step down?  Where is your remorse?  Where’s the public apology?

Enough Sarah!  Your ongoing accusations, refusal to accept Letterman’s apology and organizing GOP supporters to get Letterman fired is a boomerang that reminds the public of your often inept behavior, asinine words and dishonest deeds.  It’s time to remember, Letterman earned his jacket.   Your symbols of achievement pale-in comparison.


June 15, 2009

This numerologists #5 “cant focus on one thing ’cause I bore easily” Personal Day and I’m a butterfly…going from one newsy tidbit to another.  There’s little to still my concern over the economy or the Health Care Bill or Dick Cheney’s hopes for a terrorist attack to fulfill his prophecy.  So, I’m scanning…

Still overwhelmed, Susan Boyle took the Britain’s Got Talent tour and lasted two performances and took a “time-out” to rest.  She’s gonna’ do well recording and should listen to her body and emotions and leave the personal appearances to promoting her albums.

There’s more to be learned about deviant sex from stories about David Carradine’s death than I’ve discovered in 76 years of curiosity.

The Health Care Reform Bill is a “biggie” for Obama and he’s courting the thumbs-down AMA with vigor.  Tidbits today indicate that the AMA may have support for certain kinds of public plans….possibly federally chartered co-ops.  The AMA strong opposition is to any plan that mandates physicians participation.  There’s gonna’ be lots to barter before we see affordable health care.

…after sincere checking, there’s nary a tidbit – nothing said about ailing Patrick Swayze and Farah Fawcett.

The GOP is having a field day with the Sotomayor Supreme Court appointment…they refusing to budge siting “too many unanswered questions.”  Sotomayor had 36 days to get her act together – 70 days is average – and she’s ready and willing to reply tout suite.  So, GOP…ask the questions faster so she can stop running from questioner to questioner – get into a chair – sitting on the bench – which will put her in motion.

And Palin is beefing-up her accusations – ranting, hogging the camera while slamming David Letterman – that’s good!  She’s looking even more foolish and upped his ratings.

Multi-tasking-multi interest rules!  There;s little to sink my teeth into…It’s not an in-depth day for news as the stock market slows down to triple-digit sell-offs after the upswing.  Iran is more problematic and needs watching.   Although oil costs at the pump and job losses are rising, consumer confidence is beefing-up.  Maybe it’s my time for a #5 shopping adventure!


June 14, 2009

Gee Sarah, you’re pretty, very energetic and have a gift of gab.  However, I don’t want my girl child or any-one’s daughter upset by public comment or to follow your example of mothering.  Picking on TV comic, Letterman’s bad-taste,  comment and getting insulted is “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” , forked-tongue, media attention-getting, politician’s tactics.  You say one thing and do another in the name of family values and child-rearing that I don’t want to see in the White House.

My readers comment that Sarah Palin is protecting her family.  She’s upset that young girls will not have a good self-image due to Letterman’s comment.  Hogwash, Sarah!  Young girls probably won’t have a good self image because — the governor of Alaska, who electioneered to be Vice President and has her sights on the USA Presidency, repeatedly embarrassed her uneducated, uncultured self on TV, took expensive clothes and didn’t return them, shaded the truth more than once, used GOP funds to fly her entourage and, touts her daughter’s poor choices as good choices.

Gee Sarah, you cannot make a “sows ear into a silk purse” after “the horse is out of the barn” and you’ve done things that are really tasteless!

Working mother or stay-at-home mom, children learn from what we do – not what we say.  Good parenting is setting an everyday example for children to follow and listening a lot.  Do you think parading your seventeen year old, very pregnant child , on the White House electioneering stage repeatedly – setting her up to maternally-embrace and baby-sit her brother, your special-needs infant – then adding to the unconventional entourage, the neighbor-boy-teenager who impregnated her, is the behavior for any household – let alone the esteemed White House?  Doesn’t this display show your lackluster mothering includes family values that inspire dedicated, “I make time to talk to my kids” homemakers – traditional working parents – social psychology professionals and comics to observe, shudder and comment?

Getting on an  indignant media rant – accusing Letterman of hurting young girls with his tasteless comments while you’re too busy – maybe too self-absorbed – to spend quality time at home with your children and set a childhood enriching example for your children to follow is “so Sarah Palin Poop.”   Acknowledging behavior that curtails your daughter’s freedom to mature and acquire education and culture, as an individual – not a work-loaded, too responsible to an infant – a teen on a treadmill – is unacceptable to this mother and granny. 

Letterman can comment and so can I.  Sarah Palin you have extolled the virtue of undisciplined, unconventional, unprotected  youthful indiscretions for young girls. You strutted daughter Bridgette, uncommitted-to-traditional-marriage while a pregnant teen,  center stage, on a bid for the White House.  You claim to be setting an example of improving self-image for young girls.  Teens will believe what you do not what you say .  Before you get insulted at Letterman’s, or any other participating parent’s observations of your example of an orderly life for young girls and women, view what observers see as your disorderly example of child-rearing and family values. 

I doubt that anyone intends to insult or upset your daughters, Sarah.  Unfortunately, “people will talk” – your daughters receive the residual effect of your self-serving lifestyle and ongoing “forked-tongue” electioneering.