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June 22, 2009

Freedom gives us the ability to fight fair but whose got the extra energy to fight yet another an-other’s fight?

Watching fair competition between participants from many nations, on the Wimbledon juicy green tennis courts, energizes faith and hope – and , calms my instinct to scream “it’s not a fair election”  when Iran dryly admits “poll irregularities.”   Do ya’ think?

Squelching Iranian voters voices with soldiers and guns on the streets that run red with blood. is unbalanced.  I can follow Wimbledon balanced statistics.  Iranian record keeping is shifty – illogical.   If you have more votes than people voting there must be a botch. 

A Wimbledon “botch” is an upset due to a stumble or emotional jitters.  At this trying time, it’s great to have Wimbledon for a few weeks.  It’s honest and logical competition – a war of professional athlete against professional athlete –  to watch and turn to for calm.  In the streets of Iran we see naive, untrained for war, competitors.  I watch and rage at news reports of how desperately Iranian’s struggle.

Although, Iranian freedom is not our fight  since as a nation we’ve been there – done that – we can emphasize and sympathize and wish there were only jitters creating this upset.

With the stock market sliding, thirteen killed in Baghdad and two in Afghanistan just before our troops withdraw from Iraq, housing prices lowering and sharp job loss increases reported again, just managing to maintain personal freedom is a chore.  Whose got the energy to take on another battle?


June 17, 2009

There’s a stock market slump, prices higher at the pump and my throat’s got a lump!  It’s a “bad tears” day and I’m gonna’ put these droplets in reverse.   Gonna’ listen to a Susan Boyle video, let the “good tears” roll and release magical moments.

There are tears of joy that go on automatic when Scotland’s most famous spinster, Susan Boyle lilts of promise and dreams her dream…and I remember repeated tear sightings when obese and single, Kate Smith sang, “God Bless America”  with the USA at war, in the 1940’s.  Skinny Sinatra’s, “New York, New York” brings back, “my old neighborhood” tears and matronly Ethel Merman’s,  “:Everything’s Comin’ Up Roses” is a lifter that evokes “good tears.”  When the blues are catching, and dreams are touching there’s nothing like a good cry. 

Slow droplets on the face grow dreams of promise .  A dream is magical soil that produces blossoms in daylight. .  In times of emotional reactions to public crisis, it seems that unusually uplifting performers and unconditionally inspiring songs appear that change an emotional down-slump into a visual up-bump.

Broad figured women, Susan Boyle and Kate Smith are beauties who are attractive to the heart.  Kate Smith suffered sweet indignities late in her career.  Before a hockey game, fans yelled with love, “it can’t begin til the fat lady sings.”   On Susan Boyle’s initial performance on “Britain’s Got Talent”, she was ridiculed and that indignity turned into a public love affair too.  Ti’s said, “What you see is what you get.”   Bring on the “bad tears” ’cause you can’t believe everything you see.  Now, bring on the “good tears”, ’cause you often get more than you imagine. 

With my “bad tears” in reverse, I realize It’s not how you look, it’s the way that you do it in these teary times.  So, let the good tears roll-in from dreams and belief in America…with them come the the magical moments.