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July 21, 2011
Marilyn Monroe

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July 21 feeling and seeing yesterday’s #5 pivotal changes World-Wide prediction today…my plans have pivoted = at the time she was supposed to arrive, the housekeeper phoned to say her car wouldn’t start and so, she’s not coming in.  The house has to be cleaned so, I canceled my dentist appointment.  The dentist shuffles his schedule and other patients plans are changed…and so it goes…
…In the news today as predicted yesterday…”sexual and sensational oddities in the headlines”  = 17 indicted on charges of running a $400. to $3600. an hour and $10,000. a night prostitution ring that catered to Wall Street high spenders…Lost Marilyn Monroe porn film found…that was the sex, here come the oddities…The bones of Rudolph Hess, Hitler’s Deputy, have ben removed from his grave and secretly scattered in an un-named lake due to neo-nazis celebrating his birthday at the grave site…Apple stock to pay a one-time dividend of $81.00…Angelina Jolie feeds her children fried crickets (said to be like potato chips), a favorite dish in her adopted son, Maddox, native Cambodia…
…In the new and unusual products predicted yesterday, Facebook is putting-up a free, unique Deadline Hollywood Game that incorporates real-time, breaking news that influences the game play.  Predictions like dreams, often do come true…That’s the blog and here come the forecasts…          

July 22, 2011…a #6 adjustments made World-Wide Day when restaurants are less crowded, stocks settle in, alliances are established, domestic responsibilities and concerns in focus and universally we eat at home listen to music and watch TV. 
your lifestyle: Family and emotional relationships need attention.  Personal needs are put aside to maintain harmony and meet obligations.  Beautification projects, children’s nurturing, neighborhood politics, hard-luck-stories, kitchen-table conversation, love and music in focus.

Generally compatible Birthday numbers for Master Number #22 are: #1 (business), #2, #4 (may be too materialistic), #5 (opposites balance one another), #6, #8 (material accomplishments), #9, #10 (business), #11 (both are Master numbers, can make  better world), #13, #14, #15, #17 (financial dynamic duo), , #18, #19 (business), #20, #24 (domestic, real estate) , #26, #27, #28 (business), #29 (both are Master Numbers, can make a better world), #31.

If July 22 is your birthday, you are a Master Number and through your constructive hard work,  intuition, vision and desire to serve the public and do good.  You have the ability to leave tangible evidence of your time on earth.  You can succeed in any line of work that meets with your ideals.  You suffer by scattering interests in youth and dealing dishonestly, being lazy or selfish and you cannot afford to have too many personal ambitions.  Many noted political leaders, corporate lawyers, inventors, musicians share this birthday that makes a  contribution and leaves a lasting mark on the future of the family, the nation or the world.

In 2011, you get a clue as to the direction your life should take.  At times you may feel like a martyr for this is a year when responsibilities may require self-sacrifice and you may need courage to meet your obligations and faith in your inner abilities.  You must help alleviate another’s problems with compassion and discrimination.: Take on only urgent causes in order to be able to finish everything you start.  Power months are February and November when problems are solved and finance is in focus.  With it all, you are making unseen personal adjustments that pay off in the future and you can be surrounded by love and friendliness and find contentment if you maintain your emotional balance and allow yourself to attract them. 

In 2011 wear the color blue to attract conscientious, protective, stable associates. 
Sapphire is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters F, O and X are helpful and sympathetic in 2011
Friday is your lucky day of the week in 2011

Your 2011 lottery numbers are
: 4, 6, 9, 15, 24, 27.  

Celebrities born on July 22 are: Lucia Albanese (Operatic Soprano), Orson Bean (Actor), Stephen Vincent Benet (Writer), Albert Brooks (Comedian), Alexander Calder (Sculptor/Hanging Mobiles), William Dafoe (Actor), Oscar de la Renta (Fashion Designer/Coty Hall of Fame), Bob Dole (Politician/Senator-R-Kansas/Presidential candidate – R-1996),  Louise Fletcher (Actor), Danny Glover (Actor), Selena Gomez (Actor), Don Henley (Drummer/Singer/Songwriter/”The Eagles”), Edward Hopper (Painter), Rhys Ifans (Actor), Rose Kennedy (Mother of a president and 2 senators), Emma Lazarus (Poet/”New Colossus” at the base of the Statue of Liberty), John  Leguizamo (Actor), Gregor Mendel (Monk/Geneticist/Discovered laws of heredity), Karl Menninger (Doctor/Established Menninger Clinic,  psychiatric research center), Shawn Michaels (Pro Champion Wrestler), David Spade (Comedian), Terrance Stamp (Actor), Alex Trebek (TV Host/”Jeopardy”), Amy Vanderbuilt (Authority/Author on Etiquette), Margaret Whiting (Singer), Wayne Wonder (Singer).

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#1 Compatibility Numbers & June 1 Birthday Numerology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

May 31, 2011

Generally compatible Birthday numbers for #1 are: 2 (Does the details #1 ignores), 3 (Expands #1 ideas), , 4 (Organizes #1 ideas and manages Business), 5 (Publicizes #1 ideas), 9 (Adds wisdom to #1 inventiveness), 11 (Adds futuristic vision and does the details #1 ignores), , 12 (Expands #1 ideas), 13 (Organizes #1 ideas and manages business), 14 (Publicizes #1 ideas),  18 (Adds wisdom and efficiency to #1 Inventiveness), 20 (Adds service projects and does the details #1 ignores), , 21 (Partnership expands ideas), 22 (Creative ideas leave a lasting mark), 23 (Dynamic Duo), 27 (Intellectual, spiritual, wise and inventive partnership), 29 (Adds futuristic vision, service to humanity and does the details #1 ignores), 30 (Expands #1 ideas to universal proportions).  #1 leads the way.

If June 1 is your birthday, although there is a strong family-focus in youth, you are an independent in your beliefs and find it difficult to take a secondary position in relationships.  You have self-determination and little patience…if you slow down in youth to get a good education, success is assured mid-life.  Unconventional situations early in life cause you to take risks or make rash judgments in order to follow your enthusiasms.  When you learn to “look before you leap” and learn when to change and what to change for practical progress your curiosity and restlessness will broaden your scope instead of getting you into trouble.  You are self-reliant, progressive and reason things out mixing practicality and idealism.  You benefit from finding a supportive mate and/or partner that gives you unconditional love, finishes the things you start  and helps you to understand that it takes time to do the details that build your plans and secure your future. 

Slow your pace and allow others to help you.  2011 is a receptive time when the things you began in  2010 come together beneath the surface and need time to gel.  You made mental decisions in 2010 and your emotions need time to catch-up with the changes and new directions you want to take.  Things come together if your are not impatient and do not make make changes.  Govern your pride and show modesty: You’re “the new kid on the block” and will benefit from being cooperative, sensitive, calm, cool and agreeable.  Be a watcher – be helpful – and learn the details of your new involvements.  The mood and tempo of 2011 goes against your natural instincts and abilities so, you may have to discipline your assertiveness and aggressiveness until October’s cheerful, optimistic blend of social activity and new contacts comes in.     

In 2011 wear the orange to attract supportive, adaptable, considerate associates. 
Moonstone is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters B, K and T may cause petty annoyances 2011.
Monday is your lucky day of the week in 2011.

Your lottery numbers are: 4, 6, 10, 19, 28, 31. 

Celebrities born on June 1 are: Rene Auberjonois (Actor), Lisa Hartman Black (Actor/Wife of Clint Black), Pat Boone (Singer), Powers Booth (Actor/”Deadwood”), Brandi Carlile (Singer /Songwriter), Lynn Collins (Actor/”X-Men”), Pat Corley (Actor), Brian Cox (Actor), Mark Curry (Actor), Ronnie Dunn (Guitrist/Singer/”Brooks and Dunn”), Morgan Freeman (Actor), Rick Gomez (Actor/”Band of Brothers”), Taylor Handley (Actor), Justine Henin (Tennis Pro), Reverend Ike (Evangelist), Heidi Klum (Model/TV Personality/”Project Runway“), Cleavon Little (Actor), Marilyn Monroe (Actor), Alanis Morissette (Singer), Robert Powell (Actor), Jonathan Pryce (Actor), John Randolph (Actor), Marissa Sagemuller (Actor/”Raising the Bar”), Tony Snow (White House Press Secretary), Ron Wood (Guitarist/ “Rolling Stones”), Edward Woodward (Actor), Brigham Young (Mormon Leader).

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