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June 13, 2009

Changing your name may alter your Destiny!  Basic to numerology is the belief that you have the characteristics of your birth name.  Natural instincts, first impression and mean of self expression are described by the first record of the new soul on earth – usually a birth certificate.  You may be born a saint and name change to sinner – or the reverse. 

This is spiritual stuff and on a non-material plane:  Numerologists believe that your soul chooses your name and your time to be born in order to live the material involvement it chooses.  So, when you alter the spelling or change your name after the name is recorded, over-riding influences are added.  Think about how often women add the husband’s name at marriage and appear to change.  Then there’s the unhappy Marilyn Monroe name change from Norma Jean.  The latest example of name change run-amok is John Arthur Carradine who changed his birth name to David Carradine.

Media indicates David Carradine’s death is not a suicide as was first thought.  In Bangkok,Thailand, where anything goes…his sensual and sexual preferences, in the form of auto-eroticism-auto-asphyxiation have many professional and novice players.   His escapist play. during a business trip, is thought to have caused his accidental death.

David’s birth name describes a hard-working, talented athlete, ambitious for the freedom that money and power can buy.  Career choice name “David”, added the risk-taker, sensual-seeker, freedom-loving, unconventional #5 talent to his physically, mentally and spiritually powerful #8 natural instincts and means of self expression.  Material power in the hands, mind and spirit of an easily bored, escapist, thrill-seeker on a #3 artistically expressive, socially aware, often naively optimistic, “good looks and charm will get you everywhere” Destiny

Carradine’s #3, “make a game out of life” Destiny does not change.  Destiny is calculated from the birth date.  So, both names walk the path that keeps one youthful, playful and charming.  Carradine wanted to reach the heights in career and lifestyle, as well as sensual experiences.  According to my number wisdom and theories, on a movie-shoot, a working trip to Bangkok, possible bored with the routine, in his #8 quest for physical challenges and #5 sexual adventures. he used his trained athleticism, problem-solving strength and goal-oriented determination for #3 game-playing that ran amok.