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June 14, 2009

Gee Sarah, you’re pretty, very energetic and have a gift of gab.  However, I don’t want my girl child or any-one’s daughter upset by public comment or to follow your example of mothering.  Picking on TV comic, Letterman’s bad-taste,  comment and getting insulted is “people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” , forked-tongue, media attention-getting, politician’s tactics.  You say one thing and do another in the name of family values and child-rearing that I don’t want to see in the White House.

My readers comment that Sarah Palin is protecting her family.  She’s upset that young girls will not have a good self-image due to Letterman’s comment.  Hogwash, Sarah!  Young girls probably won’t have a good self image because — the governor of Alaska, who electioneered to be Vice President and has her sights on the USA Presidency, repeatedly embarrassed her uneducated, uncultured self on TV, took expensive clothes and didn’t return them, shaded the truth more than once, used GOP funds to fly her entourage and, touts her daughter’s poor choices as good choices.

Gee Sarah, you cannot make a “sows ear into a silk purse” after “the horse is out of the barn” and you’ve done things that are really tasteless!

Working mother or stay-at-home mom, children learn from what we do – not what we say.  Good parenting is setting an everyday example for children to follow and listening a lot.  Do you think parading your seventeen year old, very pregnant child , on the White House electioneering stage repeatedly – setting her up to maternally-embrace and baby-sit her brother, your special-needs infant – then adding to the unconventional entourage, the neighbor-boy-teenager who impregnated her, is the behavior for any household – let alone the esteemed White House?  Doesn’t this display show your lackluster mothering includes family values that inspire dedicated, “I make time to talk to my kids” homemakers – traditional working parents – social psychology professionals and comics to observe, shudder and comment?

Getting on an  indignant media rant – accusing Letterman of hurting young girls with his tasteless comments while you’re too busy – maybe too self-absorbed – to spend quality time at home with your children and set a childhood enriching example for your children to follow is “so Sarah Palin Poop.”   Acknowledging behavior that curtails your daughter’s freedom to mature and acquire education and culture, as an individual – not a work-loaded, too responsible to an infant – a teen on a treadmill – is unacceptable to this mother and granny. 

Letterman can comment and so can I.  Sarah Palin you have extolled the virtue of undisciplined, unconventional, unprotected  youthful indiscretions for young girls. You strutted daughter Bridgette, uncommitted-to-traditional-marriage while a pregnant teen,  center stage, on a bid for the White House.  You claim to be setting an example of improving self-image for young girls.  Teens will believe what you do not what you say .  Before you get insulted at Letterman’s, or any other participating parent’s observations of your example of an orderly life for young girls and women, view what observers see as your disorderly example of child-rearing and family values. 

I doubt that anyone intends to insult or upset your daughters, Sarah.  Unfortunately, “people will talk” – your daughters receive the residual effect of your self-serving lifestyle and ongoing “forked-tongue” electioneering.