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November 22, 2011


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In Your Life On Wednesday, November 23, 2011: Today’s challenge is to your ability to be patient and diplomatic. Your need to use your multi-tasking abilities, communications skills and ability to solve unconventional problems leads to a financially profitable opportunity so, let caution dictate the terms of an agreement and don’t rush negotiations.  You’ve made being hasty a mistake in the past.  After you’re involved, graciously accept all the goodies that come your way and bide your time before taking action based on promises.  New ideas need time to gel and you must wait for confirmation of the details 
If November 23 is Your birthday in 2011: Expect to meet people and experiences that offer you the opportunity to discover the details of the projects you began last year.  Plans and concepts that you made in the Fall of 2010 were based upon intellectual judgments.  Your emotional adjustment to the new focus needs time to sink in.  There will be emotional reactions.  Give yourself a break.  Allow yourself to emotionally digest and adapt to your new situation.


Allow yourself to observe and ingest the new roles people play in your developing lifestyle. You will accomplish more by listening and being understanding and unassuming.  Set your sights on sharing your opinions, taking center stage and attracting a variety of more attractive people and expansive opportunities next year. 

During 2011, expect to be personally sensitive, less energetic and inclined to self-absorption. In matters of finance and material accomplishments, you are “treading water.”  It’s fine to be easy-going and a bit self-indulgent. 

Pinpoint your true friends and build a support system.  To make the most of this year’s aspects, please understand that you are in a receptive cycle: Sit still, be patient, be silent and observe.  This is not the time to initiate anything or to force issues!   You will gain career recognition by being helpful and kind.  You discover that you have devoted friends and learn more about the people you cannot depend upon as the year progresses.

The nurturing you need in order to blossom may not be apparent to you.   Seeds nurture in the soil until they are strong enough to reach the ground’s surface.  Your plans are nurturing unseen during 2011 and blossom in 2012.  Be patient, be cooperative, be willing to learn and let others help you.  You are growing! 

Celebrities born on November 23:  Billy The Kid (Western Outlaw), Kevin Block (Singer/Guitarist/”Sister Hazel”), Vincent Casel (Actor/”Oceans Thirteen“), Miley Cirus (Singer/Actor), Ellen Drew (Actor), Erte (Artist/Fashion-Interior Designer), Oded Fehr (Actor), Lucas Grebeel (Actor), John Henton (Actor), Bruce Hornsby (Singer/Pianist), Boris Karloff (Actor), Page Kennedy (Actor/”Weeds”), Kurupt (Rapper/”Tha Dogg Pound”), Steve Landesberg Actor), Harpo Marx (Actor/Comic), Franklin Pierce (14th US President), Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi (Reality TV Personality), Robin Roberts (TV Host), Jonathan Sadowsk (Actor).

Today’s Lottery Numbers are: 2, 11, 16, 18, 25, 29

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