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November 7, 2011
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In Your Life On Tuesday, November 8, 2011: The challenge for today is to your ability to confidently follow a hunch.  Finances, business and power-plays in focus: Appointments change, computers get glitches, surprises slow your pace. You may choose to sulk, argue or take pleasure in spontaneity and a different approach or objective.  Although a short while ago you would not have left things to chance, now, if you feel an unconventional idea coming-on and like the thought, do it.  When surprising developments present themselves don’t expect too much of yourself and imagine that you should have anticipated the unexpected: Improvise, expand projects,  take a risk and you’ll solve problems and enjoy the moment.

If Today is Your Birthday in 2011: Expect to meet people and experiences that offer you the opportunity to enjoy your freedom and to learn from experience.

“In this theater of man’s life, it is reserved only for God and angels to be lookers-on.”

                       Pythagoras, Greek “Father of Numbers”

During 2011, you will get away from your usual routines, responsibilities and obligations and ease your restlessness.  By trying new things you add to your memory bank of experience.  If you are single, expect to meet an exciting stranger and do not be afraid to take a chance on love.  Married lovers rekindle the curiosity and enthusiasms that sparked your commitment to a long-term relationship.

  • Take every opportunity to let go of the old and make room for the new.
  • Stay open in order to expand your points of reference.
  • Look for incoming opportunities.
  • If you worked and you were conservative with your money last year, this year will not bring in financial stress.
  • If you meet a lover this year and they stay in your life through next March, you have a candidate for marriage or a long-term relationship. 

This is the time to take a vacation that is out of the ordinary, focus on your sensuality and progress through change and a variety of interests.

In business, it’s important to plan loosely and leave room for the unexpected.  Appointments will be delayed or broken.  Projects will be started and may lose momentum or begin and pay off very quickly.   Schedules must bend to the surprising new ideas and people that pop into your daily routines.  If you have a product or reason to expect to get publicity, you will have success with promotional activity.  If you want to change or expand the focus of your work, begin actions in May.  Your new ideas become known in July and money comes in December.

If you’re bored, do something about it.  Take a new workshop.  If you read mysteries, try reading romance novels.  Learn to dance, play golf, ride a horse…Above all, and do something!  By putting new experiences into your memory-bank, you become wiser in the ways of the world.  This year will probably alter your ambitions and enlarge your goals for the future.

Today’say’s Lottery Numbers are: 4, 6, 10, 12, 14, 23
Celebrities Born on November 8 are: Christian Barnard (Surgeon/First Heart Transplant), Randi Brooks (Actor), Alain Delon (Actor), Samantha Droke (Actor), Joe Flynn (Actor/”McHale’s Navy“), Mary Hart (TV Host/’Entertainment Tonight”), June Havoc (Actor), Christie Ann Hefner (CEO Playboy), Katharine Hepburn (Actor/”African Queen”/”On Golden Pond”), Jerome Hines (Singer/Basso), Leif Garrett (Singer/Actor), Norman LLoyd (Actor), Terry Lee Miall (Rock Drummer/”Adam & the Ants”), Margaret Mitchell (Author/”Gone With the Wind”), Jack Osbourne (British Celebrity), Patti Page (Singer/”Tennassee Waltz“), Parker Posey (Actor/Director), Bonnir Raitt (Country Singer), Tara Reid (Actor/”American Pie”), Minnie Ripperton (Singer), Esther Rolle (Actor/”Good Times”/”Maude”), Morley Safer (TV Newscaster/”60 Minutes”), Courtney Thorne Smith (Actor), Robert Strauss (Actor. 
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