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June 4, 2009

Numerology’s #3 Universal Day inspires accepting the inevitable and verify the words, “talk is cheap”  — and reminds me that at 76, I’ve seen optimism shredded when bare truths are spoken.  So, seeing naturally beautiful (opposite thinking – untouched supposedly by Joan Rivers surgeon’s knife) older ladies applauded in the news – Helen Mirren sexy at 64, Iman softer at 54, white haired, 1950’s top model, Miami’s Carmen Dell’Orefice still glamour in spike heels at 78, Angelica Huston regal, smart and “for real” at 58, round and sensual, Sofia Loren at 75 still an advertisement for pasta and intellectual, mental-multi-task-er politico, Gloria Steinem make me optimistic.  In their honest approach to aging, there’s cause for me to remember that “cheap-talk”  is often comprised of little white lies that may be inspirational and show a face to the world of mature compromise.  

And there are words of promise – It seems that dementia and Alzheimer’s is less likely to befall Indians (from India) —  they eat curry.  Lotsa’ curry.  Ti’s said by a US researcher that if we add turmeric containing cur-cumin found in curry powder  – to our menu twice a week, we’ll be less likely to lose it mentally as we age.  However, in my experience with numerology Indian clients, they ask a question and I answer it.  The question is then rephrased and asked again…again I answer it.  You got it!  Young or senior…the question is again asked and is answered and there’s rarely a look of comprehension or an agreement.  There will be phone calls and revisits regarding the same issue.  Could the penchant for checking, checking and rechecking and dilly-dallying and not finding a solution or a rule-for-living -the verification of comprehension – can this Indian personalty trait be a result of eating curry too? 

In the headlines…”jobless claims fall”, Wal-Mart adding 22,000 new jobs and “eating curry may ward off Alzheimer’s.”  The cheap talk comes from Obama-Bashers, pudgy, Russ Limbaugh and a few GOP slim-chance-for-re-election senators whose little wigglers have stopped swimming upstream.  Is Obama on a Muslim “Trip?”

Words flow from Palestine and Israel, Muslim Pundits and Saudi Princes and our diplomacy-practicing Pres…and they are many and closely strung.  Today’s #3 vibes bode that we’ll  “buy” more expensively, warmed with optimism, and may be snowed,  cause “Talk is cheap.”

“Leader of the Free World” Weeds White House Garden

March 27, 2009

Michelle said, Barach will do his share of weeding…being “Leader of the Free World” will not excuse him.  Well, that thought makes me wonder what international or economic garden he won’t have time to weed.  It’s refreshing to have Michelle’s down-home- kitchen-table-family-style ideas and attitudes.  However, her husband is “The Leader of the Free World”and knowing that he was cleaning out industry’s goniffs would make me feel better quickly.  Love ya’, Michelle, but this is not one of your better ideas. 

The White House vegetable garden got off to a slow start.   Reported as Michelle’s idea originally…now the “eat healthy food, curb obesity and diseases due to poor diet”1,100 square foot vegetable garden is attributed to her CA chef.  Does it matter whose idea it is if it sets a good example that catches on with the public?

What’s gonna’ grow?  Whose gonna’ take care of it?  How many people will it feed?  How much will it cost to begin, maintain and grass-cover it in winter?  We’ll find out – slowly.

One source reports basil, hot peppers, collard greens, spinach and berries.  Another claims we’re gonna’ see mint, corn, squash and beans.  And both sources report, there will be two bee hives for the harvesting of honey.

OK!  How much of how many things can bee grown in 1,100 square feet of garden?  Can this garden accommodate the banquet dining demands and State Dinner eating habits of a formal White House?  However, I’m getting used to the idea – slowly.

Till the idea sinks in, I wonder…How many bee keepers does it take to keep bees?  Whose gonna’ weed the weeds?  Maybe this small plot of land is intended to feed only the first family and will not require hiring additional “farmers” and bee keepers…

…and, maybe I’ll get used to it slowly.  Stocks fell yesterday, but they’re up for the week.  Investors must be slowly weeding through the dividend-paying stocks and buying. 

If we walk up the mountain three steps and only fall back two: One step forward is a very needed stock market gain.  Slowly…we’ll see other dividends.  The multi-tasking President will pull out the weeds in the Stimulus Plan, AIG/Fannie/Freddie bailouts and probably, be a good hubby, pull the weeds in Michelle’s White House garden.  Good marriages grow slowly.  Improvements  begin slowly.  Getting used to being “Leader of the Free World” sinks in slowly.  Everything is “slowly” this year.