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April 29, 2009

This Numerologist assessment of the first 100 days…The smiling-est White House – the most family-friendly White House – the most “lived-in” White House…Our President and First lady turned a sterile, dry, cool, formal, accepting rather than welcoming, atmosphere into the expression of their shared #2 Destiny.

Today’s White House has incorporated the #2 Destiny elements of intimacy, cooperation, sensitivity to details, receptivity, gentleness, friendliness, rhythm of life, music, patience, diplomacy, charm, consideration for others and love.  In 100 days, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – “1600” – an address that attract aloofness, intellectual curiosity and detachment from emotion…The White House has become a home.

The #2 Destiny foretells a lifetime of learning to share for Michelle and Barack.  Time together teaches them to partner and be sensitive to situations that require one partner or the other, to be “the power behind the throne”at times.  We’re not born knowing what life has to offer.  We learn as we live.  Married on October 18, 1997, married for over eleven years, Michelle and Barack, with the character and personalities of #1 types, independent achievers, are learning to patiently support one another through the opportunities offered by their #2 Destiny.

We see the Obama’s hand-holding, chatting quietly, sharing intimacies and note the facial expressions of pride and warmth when separated during a speech or a presidential event.  We read that the president eats breakfast and dinner with his family and relishes his “home office” that gives him the opportunities to share in his children’s daily activities.  The busy Obama’s seem to make time for each other because they’ve learned the value of cooperative partnership and intimate friendship.

There’s no doubt that, in the first 100 days, our #2 Destiny influenced First Family, is showing the nation and the world an example of what cooperation, friendliness and love can bring to the coolest of situations.