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June 9, 2009

The number wisdom for today and for the month of June 2009:  Seize the  power.  A #8 Universal vibration directs nations and people to solve problems.  So? – you may ask…what does that mean to me?

Investments mean a lot.  It’s timely to think about getting back into the market or adding to your 401K or making any major purchases…there are bargains to be found.  There are risks.  However, in a #8 influence, there are less risky risks.

Exercise means a lot.  It’s timely to begin a fitness regimen…particularly between 6 AM and Noon.  The #8 in the air adds stamina and ambition to the day’s goals.

Practical problem-solving means a lot.  You can handle bigger jobs, organize and improve finances with a willingness to work at it .  Today you “reap what you sow.”

Leadership means a lot.  Today, if you want to take a challenge, you’re more likely to handle leadership with vision, courage and strength.

Engineering projects speed up and expand.

World leaders are able to put big deals through – director’s meetings are progressive and problems surface to be solved.  International business activity is heightened.  There are expansions and increases.  Large scale plans are put into motion.

So…a numerology #8 Universal influence may mean a lot to you.


June 8, 2009

Sarah Palin wants power in the inner political world and David Carradine sought power in the inner spiritual circles…in number wisdom, numerology, their shared self-expression number, the often lucky 8, a powerful drive #8, leads Sarah and led David to imagine they can handle anything, feel physically strong and assume the ambitious challenges.

This numerologist believes, Palin exaggerating personal intelligence and underestimating the public intelligence, lacking experience and flirting with plagiarism to gain political power and Carradine teasing fate to go to the sexual heights are just part of their name number analysis…birth certificate names, Sarah Louise Heath = #4. #4. #8 (practical,  material manager boss-type) and John Arthur Carradine, #8, #9, #8 (philosopher, counselor, culturally expansive boss-type) are born to ‘break the tape”, “beat last year’s sales figures”, own to show a library of unread leather bound books = achieve material goals and in general, anyone born on the lucky 8, 17, 26 of any month has this trait and they may not be “Sinshine Seekers” – however, they will “go for the gold.”

“Sinshine Seekers” will vie for supremacy believing that they can solve all problems.  They want the joy of climax when a challenge is successful and the powerful feeling of owning the rewards.  A leader, stealing words and thoughts to achieve gain or an athlete’s confidence  to push the sensual body as far as it can go to climax…To sin to win: That’s Sinshine.


May 3, 2009

Yesterday’s mental trip to the Kentucky Derby reinforced my  hunch-factor.  Logic told me that my #8 – power number – pick for Derby winner was a wild fantasy.  So, since yesterday was a #9 Universal Day, and #9 was the favorite…I coupled the fantasy #8 with the favorite to win, #9.  Add the numbers together and = 8 + 9 = 17 – and  #17 (1 + 7) is still a “winner” #8.  I decided to make a mental bet of $2.00 on both horses.

When I looked at the #8 horse odds…39-1- I knew I was on a different plane of existence – the plane of dreams come true so, I began to use intellect and logic…and, hedged my risk with the favorites break-even odds bet.  #8 power number went out of the gate at 50 to 1.  #9 logic favorite had even odds.  I felt very sane.

…big blunder.  Reality and logic don’t work as well as hunch and first thought when it come to gambles like horse racing and lottery.  So many factors to consider and too many are unknowns.

Lesson learned again…bet the first number that comes to mind.  Don’t hedge off – if you’re re gonna’ gamble = GAMBLE!  There’s no logic to risk-taking…it’s an adventure.