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#31 Compatibility Numbers & May 31 Birthday Numerology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

May 30, 2011

Generally compatible Birthday numbers for #31 are:  2 (Supportive talents brings out the best in #31), 6 (Create happiness and stability together), 8 (Perfect balance for big business), 11 (Supports #31 talents and adds futuristic vision to #31 ambitions) , 15 (Adds material ambitions and create happiness and stability together), 17 (Lucky for commercial and material success), 20 (Supports and expands #31 lifestyle ambitions), 24 (Perfect blend for a happy, financially stable marriage and make beautiful music together), 26 (Business and intimate relationship support, growth and success), 29 (Supports #31 talents and ambitions, adds futuristic visions and culture to partnership and broadens the scope and philosophy of lifestyle).   Independent, proud, competitive #31 must learn to be cooperative and needs direction and compatible partners to maintain an organized, practical, financially successful lifestyle. 

If May 31 is your birthday, you should cultivate your ability to manage money, time and your talents and organize your goals and ambitions.  An early marriage may add the responsibility necessary to stabilize your good business qualities and competitive spirit.  You have the determination to overcome life’s vicissitudes and should govern your pride, impatience and/or need for control.  Be open and cooperative to suggestions and assistance, research your projects before diving in and be reasonable in regard to your aspirations.  Life offers you travels you enjoy, companionship you need and the material success for which you strive.  

2011 offers opportunities to plan and build a home, a family, a business, a career and to leave useless habits behind.  Between April and September, plan investments cautiously and wisely.  Be thorough, organize a system and be practical with money.  Use caution when making alliances.  You’ll encounter difficulties that reveal mistaken ideas and ideals and with this knowledge speed and ensure future successes.  You may alter your lifestyle and renew ambitions with a more realistic approach.  It’s time to build an orderly, peaceful existence through this year’s no-vacations, guard-your-pennies, do-the-hard-work vibrations.  You’ll ease strain and feel a sense of freedom in October when 2012 vibrations start to seep in. 

In 2011 wear the color green to attract honest, conservative, productive associates. 
Emerald is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters D, M and V can be depended upon in 2011.
Thursday is your lucky day of the week in 2011.

Your lottery numbers are: 2, 4, 8, 17, 26, 29.   

Celebrities born on May 31 are: Fred Allen (Comedian), Don Ameche (Actor), Tom Berenger (Actor), Elizabeth Blackwell (1st Woman Doctor of Medicine), John “Bonzo” Bonham (Drummer/Led Zepplin), Clint Eastwood (Actor), Chris Elliott (Comedian), Denholm Elliott (Actor), Colin Farrell (Actor), Sharon Gless (Actor), Gregory Harrison (Actor), Phil Keoghan (TV Personality/”Amazing Race”), Roma Maffia (Actor), Joe Nameth (Football), Johnny Paycheck (Singer), Norman Vincent Peale (Clergyman /”The Power of Positive Thinking“), Prince Ranier of Monaco, Michael Sandberg (CEO/Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp), Kyle Secor (Actor),  Brooke Shields(Actor), Elaine Stewart (Actor), Lea Thompson (Actor), Alida Valli (Actor), Walt Whitman (Poet), Peter Yarrow (Singer/Peter Paul and Mary).

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