May 1, 2009

Why not use numerology’s color equivalents to numbers to solve today’s problems?   There’s a color for every type of person and every need and if money’s your objective…use the color of money, mauve to send out a vibration of success and power.

1.  Red indicates an independent, self-starter.  Basic talent: Creative leadership, progressive.
2.  Orange indicates a cooperative partner.  Basic talent: ‘Power behind the throne”, diplomacy.
3.  Yellow indicates sociability, optimism and communications talents. Basic talent: Skill with words. writing, entertaining.
4.  Green indicates management practicality and dependability.  Basic Talent:  Organizer,manager.
5.  Turquoise indicates a multi-task-er, risk-taker, promoter, politician, gambler.  Basic talent: All things to all people.”
6.  Blue indicates serenity, comfort, parental outlook and family focus.  Basic talent: teaching, relationships, musical/rhythmic.
7.  Purple indicates intellect, spirituality, ability to focus and perfect skills.  Basic talent: Questioning, looking beneath the surface.
8.  Mauve indicates physical and mental power, money, efficiency.  Basic talent: Problem-solving, stamina. 
9.  Saffron indicates philosophizing, discerns quality and culture and understand human nature.  Basic talent: Counseling, the arts.

In business, use mauve on cards, stationary, in logos and buy mauve bank checks.  Mauve color paper is more expensive then most.  When buying a car, the color mauve is special order and will cost considerable more.  When wrapped in a mauve sedan, driving up to a hotel or restaurant entrance, valets are gonna’ expect a big tip…you look like “money.”

However, when there’s a mauve accent color or the paper is mauve, your business sends out a power message vibration to onlookers.  Wearing a mauve blouse gives the impression of expensive women’s clothing.  A mauve tie does the same for a man.  When decorating a home, mauve in the entrance foyer sets the stage for power people living in a powerhouse.  Needless to say, an office needs to include mauve as an accent color to give potential clients or customers, the impression, “I don’t need your money…I am successful.”

To attract money and the ability to solve problems, the number 8 color coordinate, mauve, will help.  In Hong Kong, Chinese know the #8 is lucky and pay thousands to have #8 on the auto license plate.  Imagine…the height of a power vibration,,,a mauve car with a #8 license plate!   That’s my objective.