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July 11 Ellin Dodge Blogs Numerology Forecasts: Birthdays, Your Life Today News Opinion

July 10, 2011

July 10 musing only happy things…the White House suspends 800 million of our hard-earned-dollars that we’ve been giving in military aid until Pakistan and US relations work and get over their difficulties…YES!  Finally!…Andre Agassi inducted in The Tennis Hall of Fame…YES!  Finally!…Our new US Defense Secretary and General David Patraeus agreed, in separate interviews, that allies are within reach of strategically defeating al-Quaida.  YES!~  Finally!  Loved how the kings and queens of Hollywood were star-struck by the beauty and charm of British Royals, William and Catherine, on their brief visit and how they tried to obey protocol and not drool over them…Hollywood more than met their match…Yes!  Finally!…That’s the Blog and here come the forecasts… 

…July 11, 2011…a #4 get-down-to-brass-tacks World-Wide Day when mistakes are corrected, details and specifics are demanded and skilled economists get their say.  Manufacturing and the stock markets are steady.  Charismatic leaders raise their voices and the lid comes off of pots that have been boiling for too long…In your lifestyle:  A reality check: schedules, budgets, maintenance projects and the focus is on dependability and practical work.  You can’t be easy on yourself or you’ll miss the opportunity to create solutions to problems that others consider unsolvable. 

Generally compatible Birthday numbers for #11 are: All numbers except # 5, #14, #23
find areas of compatibility with the #11. 

If July 11 is your birthday, in youth you grow culturally, mid-life you find a supportive mate and before you go on to a new incarnation, you leave a lasting image in your lifestyle and are never forgotten.  You are one of four Master Numbers, 11, 22, 33, 44 that have the ability to leave a lasting mark.  The #11 is the visionary who inspires and enlightens.  You have an inventive, creative mind that aims to teach, uplift and bring your philosophy to others.  Your life is busy, active and you collect helpful admirers and meet tests where quick decisions are necessary.  You fight for what you believe to be just and have the courage of your convictions.  The # July 11 birthday aims to overcome errors of the past, to be surrounded by like-thinkers and communicates through cooperation and love.

In 2011, you reach your personal and business goals through ongoing work. You plan work and build and receive rewards and recognition in September.  Make big plans that include travel and expect to deal with large groups of people. Don’t be extravagant with money or promises and stay away from risks and gambling.  Consult the experts, organize your concepts, be practical and then take action based upon your intuition.  Your creative ideas benefit others and impossible dreams are very possible in 2011. 

In 2011 wear the color green to attract sensible, reliable, down-to-earth associates.
Emerald is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters D, M and V may be too earthy for you in 2011
Thursday is your lucky day of the week in 2011

Your 2011 lottery numbers are
: 2, 6, 11, 17, 22, 31 

Celebrities born on July 11 are: Ralph Abernathy (President SCLU), John Quincy Adams (6th President of the USA), Giorgio Armani (Fashion Designer), Adrienne Barbeau (Actor), Yul Brenner (Actor), Robert Bruce (King of Scotland 1306-1329), Gene Evans (Actor), Howard Gardner (Psychologist/Invented theory of multiple intelligences), Max Jacob (Writer), Lil Kim (Rapper), Thomas Mitchell (Actor), Lisa Rinna (Actor), Richie Sambora (Guitarist), Nadya Suleman (“Octomom”/Gave birth to 8 babies, January 26, 2009), Leon Spinks (Heavyweight Boxing Champion),  Beverly Todd (Actor), Suzanne Vega (Singer/Songwriter), Sela Ward (Actor), E B White (Author/”Charlotte’s Web”, “Elements of Style”).
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If April 11 is Your Birthday Numerology Forecast & Analysis for 2011

April 10, 2011

If April 11 is your birthday,  you are a sensitive idealist with a strong code of morals and ethics.  Due to your spiritually special number 11 birthday, you have the opportunity to inspire others in your beliefs and leave a lasting image.  Your emotions are fluctuating and you often go to dramatic extremes of great energy or low energy.  You are more the visionary than the practical doer and have an inventive, creative mind.   You do well with a supportive, practical, down-to-earth partner when you’re on a quest to promote better standards of living for the people whose lives you touch.  You are an idealist and do well as a preacher, writer or lecturer.  However you are a gifted teacher with strong spiritual leanings.  With control of your high nervous energy, emotional balance and patient – not impulsive – decisions,  your courage, talent, leadership ability and perseverance may lead you to attract fame and fortune.

2011 is a year of making independent decisions and new beginnings.  Between January and August, you will investigate and try new directions.  Bits and pieces of the past will conclude.  By September, you will have separated yourself from the past and in September choose the direction you want to take.  April brings in a pivotal change, May is a family focus, June is slow moving and gives you a time for reflection and July brings in money and power plays.  August ties up emotional and material loose ends and you receive a final payment from July’s financial dealings.  Follow your personal desires and do not vacillate in your decisions trying to please another or think that you are being selfish: It is important to make independent decisions in 2011, as it is the beginning of a new nine year cycle of your Destiny growth. 

Wear the color red to attract progressive, creative, pioneering thinkers in 2011.               
Ruby is your gem in 2011.
People whose names begin with the letters A, J and S are self-reliant, self-starting associates in 2011. 

Your lottery numbers for 2011 are: 2, 6, 10, 19, 20, 28. 

Celebrities born on April 11 are: Dean Acheson (Statesman), Oleg Cassini (Fashion Designer – favored by Jackie Kennedy), Paul Douglas (Actor), Jennifer Esposito (Actor), Carla Ford (Henry’s Wife), Vincent Gallo (Actor), Kasturba Gandhi (Wife of Mohandas Gandhi), Ellen Goodman (American Political Columnist), Joel Grey (Actor/Dancer), Bill Irwin  (Actor), Charles Evans Hughes (11th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, 1930-1941), Ethel Kennedy (Wife of Robert Kennedy), Louise Lasser (Actor,”Mary Hartman! Mary Hartman!”), Anton LaVay (Founder of The Church of Satan), Constantly Lievens (Flemish Missionary in India), Anna Magnani (Actor), Cameron Mitchell (Actor), John Milius (Writer/”Red Dawn”),  Donna Rochelle Mussolini (Wife of Benito Mussolini), Quentin Reynolds (Newscaster/Author), Leo Rosten (Author), Richie Sambora (Rocker, Bon Jovi/Boyfriend of Cher and Heather Locklear), Joss Stone (Singer), David Zeisberger (Moravian Missionary). 

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