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October 21, 2011
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In Your Life On Saturday, October 22, 2011: It’s your day to share accumulated wisdom, be helpful and counsel others. You’re at a peak of performance.  All forms of expansive communications in focus.  Today’s challenge is to your ability to be emotionally generous when others are narrow-minded and stingy with their empathy. Get away from your immediate surroundings to be in a position and location where you can offer advice and receive recognition.  A broader perspective enables you to appreciate your blessings and see yourself as others see you.  Don’t hesitate to follow your most unselfish hunch.  Let your voice be heard and your talents shine!  Be first in line to volunteer: Why settle for second best when you can have top spot on “the good-guy” list?

 If Today is Your Birthday in 2011:  It is not advisable to make new commitments.  During the spring and fall expect to fulfill long-term goals and receive recognition from your peers.  You will sense that change is in the air and you make plans to regenerate yourself.

Projects that are near completion should be finished.  Since this is a cycle of endings, new commitments and relationships will not last.  Friendships may be strengthened and you may receive appreciation and gifts from admirers.  An old love or childhood friend may reappear for one last encounter.  Family members, who rarely make contact, will phone or attempt to see you.   A vacation or visit to a place you used to live will give you time for reflection.  Changing your environment for a short while will ease the emotional highs and lows of this cycle.

 Your wisdom and compassion have developed over the past eight years.  You may be inspired to new challenges and decide to change your residence or your job.  You are ready to let go and live if children leave home for college, to marry or just to assert their independence.  You may feel isolated and empty at times due to the events of the year.  However, you have achieved, grown wiser and will attract the company of notable people who will recognize your attainments.

If you try to hold on to past loves, commitments and ideals, you will be discontent.  If you do not hold on to the past and look ahead to a promising future, you will broaden the scope of your accomplishments and prepare for a zestful rebirth of ideas, plans and actions in the incoming year.

 The major Challenge this year is too much selfishness or in the other extreme too much selflessness.

 “Write in the sand the flaws of your friend.”

            Pythagoras, Philosopher/Mathematician, Greek “Father of Numbers”

 In 2011, you emanate a romantic, unselfish, tolerant, compassionate aura.  People will expect you to forgive and forget their mistakes or omissions.  If you are too generous, you may make others feel guilty or uncomfortable, if they are unable to repay your kindness.  If you are selfish, you will hurt the ones you love most.  The balance between the two may be difficult.  However, you are letting-go of the outgrown, preparing for a major change of goals and ambitions and have evolved and added wisdom.  Your rebirth begins in the Fall of 2012. 


Today’s lottery numbers are: 4, 9, 14, 23, 26, 27  

Celebrities Born on October 22 are: Constance Bennett (Actor), Sarah Bernhardt (Actor), Brian Boitano (Olympic Figure Skater), Saffron Burrows (Actor/Model/’Law & Order: Criminal Intent“), Deepak Chopra (Self-Help Author), Catherine Deneuve (Actor), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Actor), Joan Fontaine (Actor), Jimmie Foxx (Basevall Hall of Fame), Annette Funicello (Actor), Kyle Gallner (Actor), Jeff Goldblum (Actor), Zac Hanson (Drummer/Singer), Curley Howard (Comedian/”The Three Stooges”), Derek Jacobi (Actor/’Gladiator”), Jay Johnston (Actor/Comedian), Spike Jones (Director/Producer), Timothy Leary (LSD Advocate), Jonathan Lipnicki (Actor/”Jerry Maguire”), Franz Liszt (Composer), Christopher LLoyd (Actor), Carlos Mencia (Comedian), Robert Rauschenberg (Artist), Amy Redford (Actor/Director/Daughter of Robert Redford), Tony Roberts (Actor), Shaggy (Reggae-Pop Singer), Sofia Vassilieva (Actor).  

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