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November 20, 2011


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In Your Life On Monday, November 21, 2011: The challenge for today is to your ability to finish important projects while being called upon to pitch-in to help others.  Analyze past pleasures and mistakes and plan to put new ideas in motion tomorrow.  Reflect on unfulfilled ambitions.  Clear away emotional garbage and expect to be called away from personal interests when others are troubled, need attention or just assume you’re willing to help.  Friends and relatives remember you via phone or mail and you revisit shared memories.  Reflections fill your mind while you try to be accommodating and unselfish.

If November 21 is Your birthday in 2011: Expect to meet people and experiences that offer you opportunities to complete the plans you began eight years ago.  During the spring and fall expect to fulfill long-term goals and receive recognition from your peers.  You will sense that change is in the air and you make plans to regenerate yourself.  There are many spiritual answers and philosophical revelations as 2011 year progresses.


You will feel charitable, empathetic and passionate in your beliefs. Occasions will arise when you will be asked to share your philosophy, counsel and teach.  You will be inspired by a love of natural beauty, quality and skill: Your talents are appreciated by audiences.  You will appreciate artistry and the deeper meanings of life.


You will reflect upon your past and let-go of people, ideas, personal ideals and possessions that no longer serve a useful purpose.  You will be called upon to be unselfish and to sacrifice to help others less fortunate than yourself.  You will realize that you have evolved and that you have traveled mentally, physically and spiritually far from your goals of the past eight years.


It is never easy to separate from habits, friends or locations.  All too often we are comfortable and reluctant to release the obstacles to obtaining our dreams or ambitions.   If you are unable to let go of the people and experiences that are no longer a necessity for your growth, 2011 will do it for you.  Emotional reactions may be intense, and often dramatic, as situations change.  There will be endings and inspirations as the year goes on.


It is not advisable to make new commitments.  Projects that are near completion should be finished.  Since this is a cycle of endings, new commitments and relationships will not last.  Friendships may be strengthened and you may receive appreciation and gifts from admirers.  An old love or childhood friend may reappear for one last encounter.  Family members, who rarely make contact, will phone or attempt to see you.   A vacation or visit to a place you used to live will give you time for reflection.  Changing your environment for a short while will ease the emotional highs of this cycle.


You may be inspired to new challenges and decide to change your residence or your job.  You are ready to let go and live or just to assert your independence.  You may feel isolated, at a loss and empty at times due to the events of the year.  However, you have achieved, grown wiser and will attract the company of notable people who will recognize your attainments and inspire your growth.


If you try to hold on to past loves, commitments and ideals, you will be discontent.  If you do not hold on to the past and look ahead to a promising future, you will broaden the scope of your accomplishments and prepare for a zestful rebirth of ideas, plans and actions in 2012.

Celebrities born on November 21:   Troy Aikman (Football Hall of Fame), Bjork (Singer), Tina Brown (Magazine Editor), Joseph Campanella (Actor), Steve Curtis Chapman (Singer), Dr John (Singer), Chauncey Hannibal (Singer/”BLACKstreet“), Lindsey Haun (Actor/”True Blood”), Coleman Hawkins (Jazz Saxaphonist), Goldie Hawn (Actor), Cherry Jones (Actor/”24″), Lorna Luft (Singer), Rene Magritte (Painter), Jena Malone (Actor), Juliet Mills (Actor), Stan Musial (Baseball Hall of Fame), Eleanor Powell (Actor/Dancer), Nicollette Sheridan (Actor/”Desperate Housewives”), Alexander Siddig (Actor), Michael Strahan (NFL/Actor/TV Football Analyst), Ryan Starr (Singer/”American Idol”), Livingston Taylor (Singer), Marlo Thomas (Actor), Voltaire (Philosopher).

Today’s Lottery Numbers are: 9, 14, 18, 24, 27, 30

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