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Friday, October 7, Your Daily & Birthday Numerology Forecasts, Celebrities and Lottery

October 6, 2011
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 In Your Life On Friday, October 7, 2011: Today’s challenge is to your ability to get stay organized to get practical maintenance projects done.  Theatrical personalities shine, writer’s creative juices flow and people who love games, fads and fanciful ideas have a fantastic day.  Surprises and a variety of opportunities to enjoy lovers, family and business associates come your way.  Dress up and get out of the domestic or office scene and you meet intriguing possibilities.  Enjoy socializing and expressing your talents.  Mix project analyzing think-tanks, business lunches and pleasure with colleagues: Whether you’re motivated to party or make money, friends and their ideas will be helpful.


 If Today is Your Birthday: In 2011, expect to meet people and experiences that offer you opportunities for social growth, travel, playfulness, expression of your talents and optimism.  Friendships bring in opportunities and profits.  Keep your long-term plans and a budget of time and money in mind.  Mix business and pleasure without overdoing it!

We must avoid with our utmost endeavor, and amputate with fire and sword, and by all other means, from the body, sickness; from the soul, ignorance; from the belly, luxury; from a city, sedition; from a family, discord; and from all things, excess.                                                           Pythagoras, The Greek Father of Numbers


 At times, there may be more talk than action. However, the people are entertaining, imaginative and charming.  The experiences are light-hearted, friendly and sociable.  Good salesmanship and a social gift-of-gab can be superficial.  Artistic communicators rarely get down to laboring over basics.  They make a game out of life and see the imagined product as complete once it enters their minds.  They rarely see details or the labor of a job.  They have a hard time producing tangibles.  However, they tell a good story, see humor in everything, make a game out of life and you have more fun and optimism when in their company.


Next year, you will have less opportunity for socializing.  You will plan, work and maintain your stability meeting people who labor until a job is completed.  This year, make the social contacts that you will enjoy for the incoming seven years. 2011 puts you center-stage and encourages you to entertain, be entertaining, have fun, maintain your optimism and spotlight your talents.

October 7, 2011 lottery numbers are: 2, 5, 8, 11, 19, 26 
Celebrities Born on October 7 are: Diane Ackerman (Poet/Author/Naturalist), Sherman Alexie (Writer), Shawn Ashmore (Actor), June Allyson (Actor), Niels Bohr (Physicist/Studied Structure of the Atom), Toni Braxton (Singer), Sam Brown (Singer/Songwriter), Sarah Churchill (Actor), Simon Cowell (Entrepreneur/TV Producer, “Britain’s Got Talent”, “American Idol“/Publisher, “Syco”), Ann Curless (Singer), Gabriel Dell (Actor), Andy Devine (Actor), Alfred Drake (Singer/Actor/”Kiss Me Kate”), Helmut Dantine (Actor), Taylor Hicks (Singer/”American Idol’), Heinrich Himmler (Nazi Head of Gestapo/ War Criminal), Kieran Kane (Singer), Thomas Keneally (Author/”Schindler’s List”), R D  Laing (Psychologist), Judy Landers (Actor), Diana Lynn (Actor), Al Martino (Singer), John Mellencamp (Singer/Songwriter), Vaughn Monroe (Singer/Orchestra Leader), Elijah Muhammad (Leader of the Muslim Nation), Chistopher Norris (Actor), Oliver North (Military), Alexander Polinsky (Actor), Vladimir Putin (Russia Prime minister), Bishop Desmond Tutu (South African Archbishop), Tico Torres (Drummer/”Bon-Jovi”), Deno Valenti (Rock Guitarist/Vocalist), James Van Patten (Actor), Henry A Wallace (33rd US VP/ Founder of US Progressive Party), Yo Yo Ma (World Famous Chinese Cellist).   

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